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How do you like me now?

(The vast majority <if not all> of this post is based on my views and so on for these Video Game consoles as they relate to the retail and online markets of the USA.)

So a couple of years or so ago I wrote a brief something or other on what we can expect or look to from the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and I also briefly commented on the overall “Meh” debut for the Wii U.

Now let me bloviate on the Wii U for just a moment. I do not own one, but I have owned at least one of each of Nintendo’s prior systems. I am not playa hatin’ on Nintendo, but Nintendo has a history of completely idiotic marketing over the last few years……granted they did get lucky with the Wii though. However, my point is very simply underscored by the fact that Nintendo decided to call the system after what may have been their biggest success (the Wii at a minimum saved Nintendo from Bankruptcy) the Wii and call it a Wii U? I am sorry, but this is why the term WTF was invented. WTF Nintendo! Why could you not come up with a better name than Wii U? So sad.

However to Nintendo’s credit this is far from their biggest blunder. From what I have seen personally, as well as read, as well as just look at the fact the PS2 and Xbox offered online play………..
The near death (AKA Bankruptcy) of Nintendo may have very well occurred as a direct result of Nintendo deciding to not offer online play with the Gamecube while the PS2 and Xbox were offering online play.

To be technical the Gamecube did offer Network options (you could play someone in the same household on another TV if both of you had the special adapter, the same game and each had their own Gamecube -YAY!).
Also, to be fair to Nintendo there were a couple games you could play online on the Gamecube – but they were games that had very poor sales and most people (including myself) have/had no idea what they even were).

With some of the great Wrestling games on the Gamecube…..you would have thought there would be online play but in true Nintendo style no online play!
With Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube……….NO ONLINE PLAY!

So Nintendo did make up for a lot of this with the way they handled the online play for the Wii……to a point. At some point last year they shut down the server for Mario Kart Wii Online! What? Yet on my PS3 I can go online right now and play someone in NCAA Football 12 (2012)…… a game that came out in 2011 and yet Nintendo cannot have Mario Kart Wii for Online Play any longer? WTF? True also that Nintendo would rather now have you buy a Wii U and play Mario Kart 8……OK I get it…..sure.
However I have also read several articles online in reference to Nintendo maybe being a little overly eager to release another console. To be fair to Nintendo, they have said they will not release another console until they fell that every Wii U owner is satisfies. Nintendo did not say (in any article I have read to date) how they would be able to determine how every Wii U owner was satisfied or if some Wii U owners would just be out of luck.

OK so with the Xbox One at first they only gave you the option to purchase the console for $500.00 – with a chunk of that being for the motion sensor camera thing. Now I will of course give Microsoft credit for later on in the Xbox One’s life cycle dropping the price all the way down to $350.00. The PS4
(without the camera) is currently selling for $400.00.
I have read quite a few articles that say this price drop is only temporary – that the Xbox One may in fact actually increase back to $500.00 forcing you to buy that stupid motion camera or even to $400.00 without the camera. I have also read that the price point of $350.00 for the base console (in some cases you may find bundles for that price or a game) is permanent and will not change in part because Microsoft is so far behind Sony in Market Share (I.e.: how many people own the console).

Sony on the other hand has not had any problem with selling the PS4 and has no plans currently to lower the price.

Nintendo should have lowered the price of the Wii U by now from $300.00 (even though yes the Deluxe model was $350.00 originally). I think if Nintendo drops the Wii U down to $200.00 (which won’t happen…but if they did) then you would see a surge in Demand for the console……and you would also force Microsoft and Sony to make price cuts as well on their consoles.

Nintendo still has free online play, while Microsoft has always had a fee you have to pay to have Xbox Live Gold so that you can play against other people online. Of course to be fair to Microsoft here as well as to be honest – Microsoft still offers the bets online experience for online play (because they have the best & most reliable network). Sony NOW has a pay network for online play…..and perhaps they were long overdue……the PS3 always left a lot to be desired as far as the quality of the network is concerned.

Personally if I was to buy one of the next gen consoles…..or I guess they are kind of current gen by now……I would get the Xbox One. The best network, & from what I have seen from all 3 consoles – the best overall gaming experience.
There is also a Steam console out by Alienware……but we will have to wait and see on that console…….I will be very surprised if its even around by Christmas…..possibly 2017 though that’s very unlikely.

There is so much more to write about……and I will of course address this sooner than another 2 years (or however long it has been since I last posted). There is one other option, for some people anyways! If you live anywhere near a Family Video – you can actually rent a console…..so I guess that or from a Rent A Center would be one way you could try out the console.

Of course you could also go out and by all 3 consoles, or one at a time ….. and keep them all or return the other 2 that you don’t like (though keep in mind if you buy any games separate for one of the consoles you plan on returning – you will not be able to return the game if it did not come with the console/ you can typically only exchange them for the same title if the game is defective). Your best bet on trying games on the console would be to just rent the games…..then go and buy them if you like them enough and are keeping the console, etc.

Now I am NOT necessarily advocating
That you go
out and buy a console and return it…….but how else can you try the console?

One other option would be if you are serious about purchasing one of the 3 consoles…..a Gamestop or Pawnshop may have a used console for you to test.

Anyways it just seems like the consoles are soooo expensive even though they cost the same or less than they did a few years ago.

These are just my thoughts about these consoles drifting through the winds of the internet………………..


NEXT GEN Video Games

Well what is the deal with the PS4? The  Xbox 720?  The ‘Next” Nintendo?  On the Nintendo if I may for a moment, I have read a LOT of mixed things.  Such as the Wii U was just an upgrade to the Wii, and that Nintendo was indeed (as best as they could anyways) going to compete with Microsoft and Sony in the next round of the Console Wars.  Nintendo could conceivably in fact compete in the future with the other big 2, though it would be a different strategy in some ways.

Blu Ray.
While its not a stretch to expect the next Playstation and Xbox to have a Bluray drive, that may be something you will just not see in a Nintendo system.  However, at what point does that matter? Well yeah you would have the benefits of also having a Bluray player, which might be a selling point (as it was for me with the PS3) for people out there not wanting a separate machine for Blurays.  Then of course there is the issue of Storage, A Bluray disc can hold about 25 GB (single layer, about 50 GB Dual Layer) as compared to a measly 4.7 GB that was on the DVDR discs I used to use with the DVD Recorder once owned.

Of course you always hear about how big newer games are in relation the amount of Data they take up on a disc and what you need in the console to run said game, etc.  In the end they are just games right!  Though some are much better and far more entertaining than others.  Some, while the graphics may leave a lot to be desired like Mario Kart Wii, can offer far more replay value than a much more expensive and polished games.  Of course, while I will always remember the Atari 2600, I don’t really want to go all the way back to those days with a new system either.


When will these so called new systems arrive?  I suppose it could be said the Wii U is Nintendo’s foray into the current Round of next Gen…..BUT just because they were first – I do not see that move as anything other than it was what Nintendo felt they had to do at the time.  I do not think that Sony of Microsoft are basing any strategy whatsoever on Nintendo.  Now that is not to say Nintendo is dead, that they do not matter.  Nintendo will be around for a very long time, likely for good as a nice alternative to what could be seen as the Console standards if there really can be an established standard anyways.

So just because Nintendo put out a system first, I will be amazed if we see the next consoles from Microsoft and or Sony anytime before late 2014 in the USA.  In fact I will venture a guess one step forward and say expect the next Playstation in the USA in 2014, and the next Xbox in 2015.  I have yet to find any definite confirmation of any release dates, if they were coming out this year – there would have been Superbowl commercials announcing when you can place your pre order for the new console(s).  Of course, in Video Games as with anything else – marketing and advertising is never done in a way that makes sense.

The next Playstation will likely be first for two reasons.  First, Sony of course wants to beat Microsoft to the punch just as Microsoft did with the 360 coming out before the PS3.  Another important reason could be that Sony has a LOT to answer for.  Such as the poor quality of the Playstation network, the laughable design of the PS3 controller and so on.  So while it is important for Sony to be first (or Microsoft), it is perhaps more important that they stay relevant in the minds of video game consumers.

Microsoft is on the other hand in a unique position.  The X Box live network is far superior to the Playstation network, the controllers are better, BUT what about reliability?  I have yet to have ever read a single article or release about the ROD “Ring of Death” Fiasco that explained why the first generations of the Xbox 360s had such a high failure rate.  True, no electronic toy, especially one that is going to be used daily will be foolproof.  However, the fact Microsoft took so long to correct the basic design flaws of the Xbox 360 is both laughable and puzzling.

I look for Microsoft to take more time to get it right this time at launch, even if that means delaying the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called, possibly ‘X Box’) and giving Sony the chance to jump in first.  Also this could be a great opportunity to see what Sony does first, while the next Xbox is possibly still in a semi – prototype stage and then make a few last minute tweaks to the system.

I have heard that there has been an announcement already on Xbox Live in regards to the next system coming out this year, though I do not have an Xbox myself nor have I found any articles online yet to support this.

One other item worthy of mention, if you will indulge the notion, is that in the past some consoles are first released in Japan or countries other than the USA.  So maybe both of the new consoles will come out from Sony and Microsoft this year or next, though possibly not here in the USA.

In reference to no pre-orders yet, that is of course no absolute indicator though if we do not see pre-orders by say June or July then it is very unlikely the systems will arrive this year.  While it seems more unlikely with the flood of information I have been able to find online about the subject, we may not see the PS4 until 2014 – followed by the next Xbox in 2015.

There are some reasons, some obvious and some not why this too could also be possible.

Launch Games.
True its great if you can afford that fresh new console, but if there is not a selection of games available for it (that you are interested in) when it launches – what’s the point of getting it at launch?  Personally there are only a few games I really love and want to play endlessly as opposed to someone that buys games all the time. (If you are so inclined to and can afford lots of games, go for it – nothing wrong with that.  I would myself rather over time master the games I love like Soul Calibur, Madden, Fifa and couple others.)

Launch Failures.
When Sony released the PS3 even at $600.00 for the 60 GB model – there was an overwhelming demand and they failed miserably with anticipating demand.  Nintendo pulled the same silliness with the Wii, possibly failing much worse than Sony did in getting enough consoles to the shelves.  I will absolutely give Microsoft kudos with the 360 Launch.  While I did not own a 360 when it was first launched, I never had a hard time finding one in a store if I had wanted to buy one at the time. Of course Microsoft failed as well.  Will there were plenty of 360s to go around for whoever wanted one, it was a crap shoot as to if you had one of the reliable consoles or one that would eventually succumb to the Dreaded Red Ring Of Death (better known as simply the ‘Ring of Death’).

Why the ‘Launch Failures’ are particularly puzzling is that late in every console’s lifespan, you will almost always see an excess of more reliable versions of the consoles available for a deeply discounted price (as compared to the original launch price) in store inventories across the country.  Why not get it right to start with?  I hope that is at least one thing that now both Microsoft and Sony are considering with the release of their next consoles – whenever the do actually release them.  Just make a LOT of RELIABLE consoles at launch at then taper down the inventories.  After all, with the Playstation Network and Xbox Live are not most of your system updates done online now anyways?  For those without internet access, at least with the Playstation 3 you can go somewhere with a flash drive and get the system update and update that way if you have to.  The Hardware is more and more advanced with each new generation of consoles, if done right – then you would not have to update that model….. Just update the Firmware every couple of months or so without making an entire new physical version of the console.

The failure of the Video Game console makers to make enough of more reliable consoles at launch also hurts the companies in that at what better time could you attract a whole new set of consumers?  Sure a lot of people like me will wait until after the initial craziness of the launch passes before getting the system anyways.  However possibly even more people will just decide to not buy the console altogether.

One thing I have not heard a lot about is what seems to be a move towards motion based gaming.  That is all fine and well and that – though I hope there will always at least be the option of holding the physical controller in your hand. I can see motion based becoming a trend, as well as a place being there for the more traditional controllers…..I just don’t want to be forced to buy into this motion based craze if I want to get one of the next generation consoles.

I wanted to simply say a few words about the next generation of video game consoles, though I have not touched on price yet.  I look for the Xbox to come out at around $450.00 US and the Playstation around $400.00 US, just a guess.