Hey so I was just starting to get to where I felt I could really start writing some things that not only entertained myself…..but also that other people may and are interested in reading.  I thank each and every person who has been kind enough to take the time to read my blog.  Thanks!  So anyways my computer finally died, and while I do have the use of another computer…..it’s not the same as having my own computer as far as when I can get online to write or when I want to write or even when an idea just happens and I feel the desire to write about it.  I do not have a Smartphone, and if I could afford one I really would rather not even have one….I would carry around a small tablet if I needed the internet that badly (I have nothing against smart phones – I just have yet to see one that is worth it and works like its advertised to work).  Anyways even if I could afford and had a smart phone or tablet or both – so what!  I do my writing on a computer so for a while my posts may be few and far between.

Over the last few years when I have been able to write more, having had a computer or a computer at my disposal / granted yes I did not write much online then…….so its  a tad ironic I was really looking forward to doing so a lot more now and then ….. POW!  The computer (my Toshiba Laptop is dead).  It was over 5 years old, I had changed the HDD once and then it would not even turn on one day.  However I did get to back up at least most of the Data I had not long before the computer died…….so hey even if the data is meaningless at the moment at least I have it for when I do get another computer (most importantly lots of photos I could not replace).   So yeah once I do have another computer……I will back up those photos onto some DVDs and then back up the backups….. or I guess that would just be doing two physical backups anyways right? There is so much I plan to write about……with not having a computer of my own for a while…..I hope that not too much is lost with the posts being relevant to one another and if I ever get any comments…….I am NOT ignoring you if I do not reply to you right away (though here again I am not at my best either on that one even when I did have a computer of my own).   However I will try to do better with getting back to people should anyone comment on here or Facebook or Twitter, etc. as I can……and certainly more once I have a computer again though that won’t be for a while in all likelihood.  I know I have gotten some views on here, and I thank you all for that as well as thank you to those who have liked some of the posts I have made.  I usually do not post my Blog Postings on Facebook…..at least I have not done much of that / but I might start doing that a little more.  I just felt, and perhaps I still do a little that with all the utter garbage and rubbish on your Facebook newsfeeds I did not want to add to the clutter……….. I post these postings on Twitter, Google +, and Linked In (and now maybe Facebook too) – I can check or uncheck the option and of course if someone does not want to read the blog then don’t read my blog!  I try to not go over the top with Profanity here or write about a lot of things that are going to upset people.  However I am not a puppet for the Politically Correct sensitive emotions you may have inside.  I am sure to offend both Republicans and Democrats, and everyone else in some way at some time. However that would be because of my view or attitude on a subject likely challenging the accepted consensus of the masses.  I am going to express what I want to, when I want to, and how I want to.  However that (for me anyways) is not a license to use infinite lines of profanity laden and hate filled rhetoric.  I may spew rhetoric and even to some extent bloviate (as was said to me in an online comment exchange I had with someone). Anyways I am just one guy here alone in the digital equivalent of the largest desert ever known – the internet.  I am a Far Cry from maybe ever even being heard but I swill not give up ….. I will not surrender.  I will in time write about the things I want to read about!  This is not to live out an undiagnosed Narcissistic fantasy of some sort (a little maybe) but rather most of what I have written about so far besides my product reviews of course are things I have had a hard time finding  anything about online.

Such as Nintendo for example!  Yeah Time Magazine did a great piece on how the company nearly went Bankrupt with the Gamecube……but what are they doing now and why is there no information so easily found now about Nintendo and their state today?

There has been severe weather right here in my state of IL.

There are a lot of things going on in the world today and there will be tomorrow just as there was yesterday as well as before I was ever even here.

I am NOT saying that I am the be all and end all of news by any means.  If you want news there are countless websites as well as TV and Internet Radio and so on.  I am only here to write about things that I want to write about……some of which yes I have had a hard time finding information online about.  There will also be posts about other things, such as my light bulb post – but with my own spin and view.

I hope you continue to read the Blog, please subscribe and comment……thank you!