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(posted on 12-22-2013)

A woman, who is a radio DJ and also the descendant of a man who executed suspected Witches during the time of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, MA……encounters some strange occurrences and things further develop from there.
Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) is a DJ at a local Radio Station in Salem, MA. The movie starts off ordinarily enough, introducing you to Heidi’s daily life as well as Heidi’s co- worker’s and landlord, etc. However not long into the movie, Heidi receives a mysterious box containing a record from a little known band known as “The Lords”. The record is then played on the air during Heidi’s radio show. There is not much actual music, rather mostly weird distortions and nonsensical vocals that seem to have no point whatsoever. However the sounds do have a very profound effect on Heidi. As the movie further progresses, Heidi (a former drug addict) has a relapse and things seem to fall apart. There are further weird and unexplained occurrences involving Heidi, a guest who appeared on one of Heidi’s broadcasts, as well as Heidi’s landlord and her Landlord’s two sisters who just ‘happen’ to be visiting from out of town just when things are starting to really get strange.

That’s about all I can really say about the plot or movie without really giving too much away, however the sad truth is – there is not really much at all TO give away about the movie!

I had considered for a while buying this movie on Blu Ray brand new, even at a regular retail price if I had to – because it was a Rob Zombie movie and I have loved what I have seen him put out….UNTIL NOW.

I was very glad that I did not actually buy this movie, and that I instead rented the movie on PPV. The movie had no real point or plot to it so far. No real attempt at any kind of special effects or even just cheap makeup done correctly! The movie was not scary, nor entertaining in any way, shape or form. There was no point whatsoever to this movie. No structure, no explanations, just one confusing scene after the next with no point whatsoever in the vast majority of scenes in the film.

Did Rob Zombie intentionally make a bad film as a way to get out of a contract with a film studio? Even so, how a man such as Rob Zombie with such incredible talent and potential could put out such a poor quality product is very puzzling indeed.

Most horror films are not very good, however there are usually at least some good moments in the film or some great special effects and so on……this film had neither of those nor anything with any redeeming entertainment value whatsoever.

I don’t want to get too specific for those who have not seen the film…..but there is one sequence where Heidi has an encounter with what is supposed to be something non human……
That sequence, scene….whatever you call it was so bad I really struggled to force myself to watch the rest of the movie. I debated for a moment even calling my Cable Company and demanding a refund on the PPV charge for the movie.

I was very disappointed to see such a scene from a film involving Rob Zombie, who is someone I still have a lot of respect for – though I will be very skeptical of his next movie. I hope Rob Zombie wakes up and gets back to making great horror films again, as there are not very many directors out there anymore who are even capable of making a great horror movie.

If you must see this movie for yourself, fine….I had to see it too despite the bad reviews I had read……however do not buy this movie! Rent the movie if you must see it, or better yet watch it for free if you get a movie channel or whatever that happens to be showing it, etc ,etc, etc.

Take a look on imdb to see just how many people were involved in the making of this film. If this had been a small film made by Rob Zombie’s friends and family….I could understand and I would be more forgiving about how bad this movie turned out to be. However this was actually a much bigger production than a lot of other Horror movies which are far better usually have……there is no reason whatsoever this film should have turned out as poorly as it unfortunately did.
Of course with a filming budget listed as only 1.5 million……that does explain a lot – but for that amount of money there is still no excuse for the movie to have been as bad as it was. The movie focused on things it could in no way achieve with such a small budget and in turn was horrible beyond belief. Instead of reaching so high, they should have had a much better script and focused more on the actors and actresses involved and then the film may have been amazing.

Whatever you do, do not buy this movie….rent it! Or just skip it altogether……


(posted on 8-14-2013)

I love this stuff, its great and works fine…however it is very important to apply the product monthly as well as correctly.

I have thought for years with the Cats I have had, as well as have been told by several vets and vet techs over the years; that the correct way to apply this product is directly on the skin between the shoulder blades. And to be fair to most of the Vets whom have told me that, for the most part I was successful using that method of application. However, as time went on I found this way to apply Frontline more and more difficult as well as it always seem uncomfortable for the Cat.

You can use the space between your Cat’s shoulder blades as a guide – BUT – the exact proper application spot is actually higher up – at the base of the skull (or as worded inside the package if your Frontline came with the proper instructions ‘at the base of the neck’).

I was very pleasantly surprised that this method was not only much easier, but that there was also no wasted product…I was able to quickly and easily apply the product to each of our 3 cats. I also noticed right away two things. One, each Cat was pretty much comfortable right away and fine as they were before I applied the product – as if I had not even treated them at all. Two, the product was at a spot the cats could not reach even if they wanted to.

I don’t know why I had never heard of this application method before, as well as why all of the Frontline (and related products) I had purchased in the past said to apply the product directly onto the skin “Between the shoulder blades”.

This product is great and does work, but it is very important that you apply the product once every 30 days. I would suggest picking a particular date of the month and sticking with that date each and every month. (If you are ever off by a day or two, that is fine – just remember to try and not let it go over 30 days if possible.) Frontline Plus for Cats is not intended to last longer than 30 days, and while it may for some Cats – I personally would not recommend going past the 30 days.

If your Cats have worms, this product will keep off the new fleas yes but will do nothing for worms – you should de-worm your Cats first (if needed) and then start with the Frontline about 3 days after de-worming. Indoor Cats can get worms from fleas, even in a very clean home – from time to time some fleas will get in (whether it’s on your shoes or from leaving your doors open, etc). Cats usually get worms from when fleas get on them, and then as the cat as it’s grooming itself – the cat ingests the fleas (of course the Cat has no idea this will give them worms – they are just cleaning themselves as Cats do). When a Cat eats fleas or other parasites that can get on them from time to time, they can also get other things if left untreated such as Heartworms which are usually fatal.

However there is good news! Just apply Frontline once every 30 days and your Cat will stay Flea and parasite free! Any fleas or anything else that may from time to time get onto your Cat will die right away and be of no risk to your Cat. Also over time any residual fleas will eventually die off and your home will be flea – free! However you must apply this product every 30 days year round to ensure that Fleas do not return to your Cat! Preventing your cat from having fleas will in turn not only make you cat much more comfortable, but will also prevent more serious things such as Tapeworms, Roundworms and Heartworms to name just a few things that can originate from your cat ingesting fleas. These more serious conditions for Cats can be prevented with a monthly flea treatment such as Frontline Plus for example.

If your cat or home is for some reason very infested with fleas – you have to address that problem first! Remove the cats from the home and use “Flea Bombs” if needed, at least that’s how I have always heard them referred to while the proper term is yes “Flea Fogger” or even “Fumigator”. You can also use sprays or other like products for your carpet and furniture. Once the home is flea free and your Cat has been treated at the vet for fleas, then make sure to stick with the Frontline every 30 days thereafter. You can also use the Frontline liquid spray to initially kill fleas on the Cat, or a Flea Shampoo.

Also keep in mind if your Cat and home are heavily infested with fleas, you should de-worm your cat as well. For most people, de-worming should only be done by or under the direction of a reputable Veterinarian. However if you have owned Cats for many years and know what meds to buy, you can de-worm cats on your own –BUT- only if you are a VERY experienced Cat owner. You can kill your Cat if you give it the wrong type or too much of a de-wormer as de-wormer is a poison (though it’s this poison that kills the worms and is perfectly safe when used properly).

Frontline helps to keep your cat healthy and is a great preventative medication for your cat. Frontline can and will help keep your Cat healthy and happy for many years to come! Also keep in mind Frontline does not replace periodic checkups or help your Cat in any way if he or she is injured though it will go a very long way in preventing many Cat illnesses and problems related to fleas, ticks, and common parasites.

There is more you can do to keep fleas away too, such as treating your yard (unless you have an apartment or condo, etc.) with Pesticide Granules such as Ortho or whatever brand works for you. I am in the Midwest and I would say twice a year is good for the yard treatment, but in South Carolina where I used to live I would have to treat the yard 3 – 4 times a year. If your Cat is outdoor only, keep the Cat inside for 3 -5 days (personally I would say no less than 5 days if possible – a week is more than enough if you want to be extra sure), the same applies for indoor-outdoor cats. This will give the Pesticide time to get into the ground so that it’s not toxic to your Cat or small animals such as birds that your Cats may go after. I also use the Riddex Pest repellers….every little bit helps! And of course most importantly of all, apply the Frontline once every 30 days.

(posted on 7-8-2013)

This stuff is amazing…..for our 2 LED TVs; while it does work on the LCD….it takes a LOT more time and effort! I cannot speak for what this would do for a Plasma TV, though I would think it might not work as well on glass. For Plasma, I would suggest getting something specifically for Plasma TVs.
(Talk to your salesperson or do some research online to make sure you buy the right screen cleaner for your TV.)

We have one 32 inch LCD, a 40 inch LED and a 19 inch LED. The cleaner is AMAZING for both of the LED TVs! For the 40 inch set in particular the TV was so dirty I thought I had a crack in the screen from when I moved about a year ago. However after FINALLY ordering the Monster Screen Clean my TV screen looks new again! I would never recommend to anyone to not clean your LED TV for a year that is just the way it worked out for me most recently.

Also, how you apply the product is very important to having it last for a long time. When I had purchased this product in the past (at the time for a 27 inch LCD TV) and for my 40 inch LED TV for a while….I would spray this product directly onto the screen. DO NOT do that! It won’t hurt the screen, but it will make it harder to clean and you will use up your bottle of Screen Clean much sooner than you should.

When you apply the product, spray onto the included cloth and then apply to your screen. Do not use other cloths to clean the screen, only the cloth included in your kit.
It does not matter how you wipe the cleaner onto the screen, all TVs are different – figure out what works best for you to have a clean, streak- free screen. I spray the cleaner onto the included cloth and use back and forth and up/down motions to clean the screen. Then I go back over the wet areas on the screen with a dry part of the cloth using mostly circular motions. (I spray more cleaner onto the cloth as needed.) For any missed spots, streaks and the edges I go back over those areas …… I don’t usually have to redo the entire screen again and again. Also DO NOT press too hard against your TV screen while cleaning, especially if you have a LED TV as the screen is a lot thinner and can be damaged if you press too hard. Don’t be afraid to clean the screen! Just be careful, and go over the screen again if it’s really dirty – pressing down harder will not get it cleaner.

If your screen is very dirty, it’s OK to spray more cleaner onto the cloth – or the first time you clean/directly onto the screen. (ONLY spray directly onto the screen the first time if needed, after you get your LED screen clean, each cleaning thereafter will require a lot less of the cleaner.) If you do have to spray directly onto the screen, spray carefully and do not get the spray on anything other than the TV screen itself.

I use the cloth to clean the TVs first (all 3) and then our computer screens (after the TVs) if needed. Then I wash the cloth alone in the washing machine in cold water with laundry detergent and then air dry the cloth. Do NOT wash the cloth with anything else or put the cloth in the dryer.

This is how I used the kit when I had purchased it once previously and it lasted for 3 years. However now that I am spraying the cleaner onto the cloth and not the screen – the kit should last for 5 years or more.

(posted on 6-24-2013)

I hate to start of a review like this, but the price here is just silly! I can buy the 24 pack of Dasani at my local Wal Mart for $4.99 (sometimes $3.99 depending on if I happen to buy it when it’s on sale). I would think the seller has come up with a formula concerning the price so they can make some profit since the shipping would typically be high for this due to the weight. While I can very easily make it to Walmart before or after work, or at other times if desired, I can understand some people may not have the luxury of getting to the store so easily (if you live in for example a remote area like parts of Alaska or Canada, etc.). If I lived somewhere where I could not just go to the store, or the closest store was several hours away – I would have no problem ordering this product from Amazon. I am thankful I can get it at a good price, though I would pay more if I could afford it and I had no other choice (such as no stores nearby).

I have tried many brands of bottled water, and all have paled in comparison to Dasani! Yes I know that all (or almost all anyways) Bottled Water is just local tap water that is just re-filtered many or several times over using high end filters in HUGE amounts.

I do not totally agree that the bottles are harmful to you, though yes you can make a case that over time they are expensive and bad for the environment. I respect those views and appreciate the concerns and thoughts of those who hold opinions different from my own.

However, I just cannot seem to drink regular tap water! Yes OK I get it that this may be in a technical sense just that – nothing more than the tap water I profess to not stand and for that matter be able to enjoy and drink regularly as I can with Dasani. Dasani is filtered more than regular tap water, and maybe it could even be just a touch of salt that makes it taste better. I live in Illinois now, for about a year after living in South Carolina for over 30 years. I have been drinking Dasani off and on since about 2002. The Dasani here tastes exactly the same as what I used to get in South Carolina. That is one of the things I love about this product – the taste is consistent no matter where you get it in the country.

Also, I have a personal attachment with this product that I have never had with any other product. I had mono (mononucleosis) back in 2002. When you have Mono one of the main things you have to deal with is your throat swelling some and difficulty swallowing. For a while, I think the first few weeks I could not swallow much of anything nor drink much else besides water. When I was feeling bad one day at work, I had to leave and go to the Emergency Room at the local hospital. I had a blood test and was diagnosed with mono. So, after that I left to go home and stopped to get some things at the store to get me through the next few days at home.

One of the items I purchased at the store was a 24 pack of Dasani water, which I don’t recall having ever tried prior to that (of course I had tried Bottled Water previously, just not Dasani before that). I was able to drink the Dasani without any problem at all and I have continued to drink it ever since! While this product was easy for me to consume compared to any other brand at the time I was sick, I have since not found another brand that compares in any way to the taste of Dasani.

I am not saying that some of the other brands such as Fiji (and others) are not any good, as there are many people who love them as I do Dasani.

I am only saying that for me and possibly many other people as well that Dasani is not only a great value but by far the best bottled water you can buy.

I understand that there are now different varieties of Dasani, I just don’t ever want to see this one go away! Thanks Dasani!

(posted on 6-11-2013)

I have one of the older blue Cat It water bowls, and the filters with the picture of the Green Water bowl on the cover are exactly the same as the other filters I used to get.

I assume since the bowl I have is pretty much impossible to find, it has been discontinued though these filters are exactly the same!
Well yes to be technical, correct if you please, you can still find the Bowl I have brand new online. However the prices I have found are silly. I can’t seem to find it for less than $60.00. If there are any out there for a more reasonable price, please leave a comment with some information on what the website is, etc.

It would be great if the sellers (or whoever is responsible for the Product Description part of the listing) would not have a photo of the old packaging. The current packaging should be pictured and not the old packaging since you are going to get the current product and not the old product.

These filters work great! They will keep your Cat It bowl running for a very long time! However ……. While these filters are essential and must be replaced periodically there is some maintenance required for your bowl, filter, and pump. If you can afford a cleaning kit, that’s good but only makes maintaining your bowl easier – you do not need to purchase those special brushes.

At least once a week, wash and rinse your bowl and the parts. Try not to get soap inside the pump. Do pull the cover off the pump though and rinse thoroughly with hot water (as hot as you can stand without burning yourself). If you do get soap in the pump, just make sure to rinse it even more thoroughly to make sure all of its out of the pump. Never get soap on the filter, but do rinse the filter very well and pull off any cat hairs or anything else on the filter. You can use tap water, but if you can use filtered water. Bottled water is fine (though more expensive) though I use the water from the tap filtered through a Pur Water filter. (You can use any brand you choose, or any type of water filter that works for you.) The filtered water is easier on the pump and will also allow you to use your Cat It filters for much longer than just standard tap water. I am getting at least 2 months out of each filter as compared to 3 weeks with just unfiltered tap water.

Our cats love to drink from their Cat It bowl, and this filter keeps them coming back again and again and again.

(posted on 3-12-2013)
This is a great little Pretzel Maker, not Restaurant, Institutional, nor professional quality – BUT is an excellent addition to your home kitchen.

I will say that while overall I love the Pretzel Maker and will buy another in the future when this one stops working (which I hope will not be for a long time of course); there are a few downsides. However, the positive things I like about this kitchen gadget far outweigh the few negatives.

The Recipe book included with the Pretzel Maker is a joke! The only recipes in the book are for desert style pretzels! What’s up with that? I mean yeah I get that a lot of people and possibly children would maybe prefer those over the more traditional butter (or oil) and Pretzel Salt. However I bought this pretzel maker to make us Traditional Pretzels with Pretzel Salt! So naturally, I was hoping that there would (and felt that there should have been at least one of those recipes in the included recipe book.

There was also a very serious misprint in the book, though it had been so long since I last did anything with Dough at home – I at first did not give it a second thought.
The recipes in the book all called for 4 Ounces of Yeast! Wow! Anyways, after I searched online for a recipe more to my liking, I noticed in those recipes that I should use ¼ of an Ounce of Yeast, so with the misprint they left out the “1/” in ¼ and it should have been ¼ and not a 4 as printed.

I used Google to search for “Pretzel Maker Recipe” to find the recipe I use, which is on “allrecipes”.

The first couple of Pretzels will probably get burned when you first use the Pretzel maker; I guess this is part of breaking it in. After that, I have not had any such issues.

I lightly oil the Pretzel Maker before each use, for a batch – I have only done up to a double batch so far. I prefer Olive Oil; have not tried another Oil yet….though you only need a little bit anyways. I put a small amount into each Pretzel Burner and use a paper towel to spread the Olive Oil around to create a very light thin layer of the oil in the burners and around them. If I need more I put the paper towel on top of the open bottle of Olive Oil as needed. I coat the top element very lightly all over using the paper towel, holding it on top of the bottle.

I like to have the Pretzel Maker oiled before I start the dough, it really does not matter at what point in the process that you do that – it works for me that way as well as I would probably forget otherwise.

All in all this Pretzel Maker was a great purchase; I just wish I could make more than 4 Pretzels at a time! I know there are other models that make more at a time, but they cost more so I would rather stick with this one as I know it works well for me.

The Cutter that was included is not very sturdy, I tried to use it once and it just mangled the dough.

However, I did not buy this Pretzel Maker for the cutter or the recipe book – I bough it to make Pretzels and it does an amazing job making them!

One item which does not matter to me, though may or may not matter to others is that there is no on/off switch. You plug the power cord into an outlet and it’s on (light turns green when it’s ready) and you unplug it when it’s done.

I just wanted to let people know how much I love this Pretzel Maker, as well as what I did not like so much about it.

Overall I am more than satisfied and cannot wait until I have the time to make Pretzels again!

(posted on 2-17-2013)

A small time crook Frank and his girlfriend Roz decide to get away from everything for a few days after Frank has pulled what he hopes to be that one last job. Unbeknownst to Roz at the time, Frank has no intentions of stopping his ongoing shenanigans. As their relationship is addressed, and the typical tensions of any long term relationship arise things become slightly more complicated. Suddenly the two are on the run from the FBI, while the FBI doesn’t even know who they are. Things are further complicated when the person who hired Frank is not pleased at Frank’s sudden change of plans. Roz meets someone who may be just a friend or………?

I have liked Dennis Leary for quite a while, ever since I first heard his audio CD “No Cure for Cancer”. I have enjoyed him in several movies and of course the TV series “Rescue Me”. However when I first heard of this movie, quite some time after it had been released I was very skeptical at first. I love Sandra Bullock as an actress, though I really was not sure how she and Leary could possibly do anything entertaining together. I thought that because of how different they are from one another, that this was going to be one long ride to snooze Ville!

I was wrong at my assumptions, as well as pleasantly surprised at not only how well the two played off of one another – but also how well their characters worked into the plot.

Yaphet Kotto who plays “FBI Agent O’Malley” is amazing, providing additional comic relief and moving the plot along as well.

I would have loved to see this movie on Bluray; however I could only find the DVD when I wanted to purchase the movie.

This is a great movie, nothing too serious….yet somewhat serious at times…and funny as well!

(posted on 2-17-2013)

Overall I love this controller! It’s so cool to have one like this which has a slight feeling of being a PS3 controller, with more of an Xbox 360 controller slant to it. The controller is really cool looking, and feels great on its surface though it does feel a little bit uncomfortable in my hands.

The one major problem I have with the controller is that when I have played Madden 13, sometimes the controller will not execute some commands such as attempting an audible before the snap on offense.

Each time I use the controller I get more and more used to how the feel differs from the Sony brand PS3 controller.

One minor thing that I dislike about the controller is that while it can power off the PS3, it cannot turn the PS3 on like the Sony controller can. I suppose this would be a non issue for most people whom probably have the Sony Bluray remote anyways, though I am not going to spend $25.00 for a remote right now. I just use the Sony Controller with which I can power my PS3 on and then switch to my Nyko Raven and then turn off the Sony Controller.

It is nice that a Dongle to insert into the console is included with this controller! I did try another so called Bluetooth controller….did not work! With the dongle, you just insert it into the console and you are good to go! (After you charge the controller that is, as it does not come with a charge – you have to charge then controller before you can use it.)

I was thrilled I was able to order this controller here on Amazon! I could not find this controller new in stock at any of my local retailers.

Of course whether or not you prefer the Xbox or PS3, the Xbox controllers are superior by far when compared to the Playstation brand controllers. I would like to possibly purchase another Nyko Raven PS3 controller in the future if they can make a few changes such as:
– More Color Options
– Better Response
– More comfortable feel
– Longer Battery life

Overall for the price, this is a great value! MUCH better than what I have seen as the $54.99 typical retail price for the Sony brand controller.

(posted on 2-3-2013)

I must say that when I ordered this while I did not expect to see a completely alternate take on the Bible and History as it is known, I did very much expect to see a lot more information and less speculation than was on the DVD.

The video was not very entertaining at all; a lot of speculation and guessing and perhaps some of the history of biblical times are subjective anyways. Whatever you may think, most people can at least agree that at one time there was a man who is known today as Jesus.

So who was Jesus? What did he do? He was known as the King of the Jews, though not a Jew himself in faith? Too many unanswered questions. I was looking to find out more about Jesus as a Teen, did Jesus ever drink and so on. What did Jesus actually do and where did he go during that part of the bible that was conveniently left out? In the video it is explored that perhaps Jesus used that time to travel the world to learn about other Religions and cultures.

However in the DVD there is no solid scientific, theoretical or even Biblical Hard Evidence to support any of the speculative ideas of the travels of Jesus. Personally I would say it is yes very likely that Jesus did in fact not only travel the Known world but what might have been considered the unknown world at the time. Why though? Was Jesus simply traveling to travel? Did Jesus want to learn as many languages as possible so in turn he could relate to as many people as possible in their own language?
HOWEVER, these ideas and obvious possibilities are simply ignored or vaguely touched and hinted upon in the DVD.

We all know the story of the crucifixion to a certain extent, I guess it depends on your beliefs – but at least most would agree that Jesus did in fact die as a result of being crucified on a cross.

However, since this was the unknown Jesus did perhaps Jesus plan to carry on longer than he did and the will of God contradicted the will of Jesus?

Far too many questions are just ignored. While I have no regrets about buying the DVD, I can say it was just not done well at all. Also, this documentary is dated – something I did not take into account when I bought it. While it may have been released on DVD in 2005, the program is from 1987! Jesus was far too important to history for such a program to have been done so poorly, even in 1987. A&E should do a NEW The Unknown Jesus documentary and also release it not just on DVD – but Bluray as well. Look at the things that were so poorly done in this first attempt and get it right in a new Documentary.

I would say this DVD is a good for those perhaps of different faiths wanting basic information about who Jesus was – but not for anyone who wants more than surface information as the title incorrectly implies.

(posted on 2-3-2013)

I purchased one of these controllers from a local retailer; it was supposed to have Bluetooth Functionality. However it did not and when I went to the website listed on the instructions, INCLUDED IN THE BOX WITH THE CONTROLLER, for troubleshooting and the controller was not even listed on said website!

Also, take this product listing here for a moment of consideration if you can so bore yourself. This listing is vague and really offers nothing more than a slick picture!

I will say that yes the controller did look nice and felt great – was less than half the weight of the Sony Brand PS3 controller. However it did not work! I tried to sync it to the PS3 as instructed with the enclosed instructions and it just did not work. I returned the controller to the local retailer from which it was purchased.

I do not normally like to just say bad things about a product or company, but Gioteck products are garbage and junk. If you want to give someone money for a product that will not work then this is for you! If however, you would prefer to have a PS3 controller that will actually works then I highly suggest you choose another brand.

There are far too many companies out there making good controllers for you to fall for the slick look of the Gioteck controller – which is really just a nice looking paperweight.