In case you did not guess already, the title is of a sarcastic nature.  So yes today August the 8th is my birthday, as it often is on this day of the year.  Honestly I was glad to be off work today, however I otherwise did not really expect anything much at all to happen.  However at about (I cannot completely read the second number on the notice but the first one is indeed a 5) 12:58 am or 00:58 as written on the notice I got a bit of a surprise that kinda went like this.

So the following was what I came up with and posted on every Earlville, IL related Facebook page I could find so far.

Hey I know this is not a town page for stuff like this…..but I just got an Ordinance Violation from the town of Earlville for not having a town sticker on my car. It’s $60.00! WTF! I moved here in 2013 and NEVER got any notice of this, no wonder why so many people dislike Earlville if they pull stuff like this. I would have had the sticker had I known, how was I to have known? I always paid my insurance and kept my tags up to date and was never told by anyone I Needed any such thing. This sucks…..wish I could afford to move and whoever voted this crap in…..I plan to vote them out when there is another election……..

The Police are doing random checks, so if you do not have one of these imaginary “Town Of Earlville” stickers on your vehicle……be forewarned and ready to get a notice that says you owe $60.00 within 10 days or you will face court action.

The officer did say that the Ordinance started in 2013…… but we never once got ANY notification in the mail about any such notice. So the Police can enforce these BS notices and make you pay up ,- but they don’t seem to do anything about the people who come into Earlville and Solicit (Yes I have seen the imaginary sign on the edge of town about an alleged ordinance against soliciting.)

Wait, it gets better! Today is my 40th Birthday,,,,,,its like the Town Of Earlville made it a point to give me a personal Fyou, thanks Earlville.

(PS. I am not upset with the Police, they only do what they are told and what they have to do. However I am upset with the idiots who would create such a notice and not let every Resident know before fining them and threatening court action).

So anyways……
The officer who put the notice on my car said that the Ordinance had been in effect since 2013.  He also said that it was in today’s paper that they would be doing random checks to see if anyone did not have the town sticker on their vehicle.  I guess he meant yesterday’s paper – but how in the hell was I supposed to know that?  I never read the Earlville paper, what is in it anyways?  Its like 5-6 pages if I remember correctly……certainly not ever many more pages than that.  The officer also said that the town usually sends out these notices with the water bill.  HOWEVER – I DO NOT GET A WATER BILL!  We live in a trailer, located within a trailer park and the water and sewer are included in the amount we pay for lot rent.

The town should have sent out in the mail a notice to all Residents earlier this year or at some time prior to tonight I should have been notified of the ordinance!  I have heard several people say negative things about Earlville, and now I understand why.  Any town that does business this way is a joke!  Not the Police or Fire or EMS, they are great……but the town Administrators or whomever they may be are certainly inept on a good day.

Likely I will have to pay this $60.00 withing 10 days or face court action……so that’s a nice way of the town of Earlville saying to me “Happy 40th Birthday”!

Seriously though, I was not crazy about turning 40, but this is a BAD day for me, not like I am depressed and crying and sad bad…….but I am upset and confused (or cornfused) and really disappointed with the way the town of Earlville, IL has decided to handle this issue with the Residents.  I take particular issue for 2 reasons.  One, I was never notified!  Two, I moved to Illinois in 2013  – the year this Ordinance took effect. I had never been to IL prior to moving to IL and getting married in 2013…….so how could I possibly know about such an Ordinance without ever even being notified!

Anyways I will attempt to see if I can get out of paying the $60.00 if possible, but I will likely have to pay it anyways as it has been written and once it has been written I don’t know if the Town Clerk or Alderman can do anything.  Anyways I just wanted to share with people my experience as well as to hopefully warn other people who live in Earlville, IL that may be at risk of getting such a notice.

The only reason I was able to see and briefly speak with the officer whom had placed the notice under my Windshield Wiper blade was I saw a flash which was the officer’s lights on his vehicle.  I got up an opened the door thinking it may have been lightning as I was looking for a little bit of rain for my Trees, Hostas, and Coleus.  I’ll water the plants tomorrow, that’s all good…..and anyways the $60.00 could not have come at a worse time.

Not to mention (but yes I will mention it anyways) I would have gladly gotten the town vehicle sticker and/or paid the fee for any said sticker if I had only been notified of any such ordinance!

Anyways, I guess in the winter I will get a fine for snow on the ground by our trailer?