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(posted on 09-11-2012)

I bought this game used here from Rax Games direct for only $6.59!

While a lot of prices on the game may be all over the place, I would suggest getting it used from a reputable seller – but if you can afford the price of a new one…..go for it! My game plays fine just did not come with the instruction booklet (as the seller indicated) though it did come in the original case with the original back cover.

I loved playing this game back around when it came out on the PS1, it was nice to be able to play it again. The graphics are very dated though; if you are used to Soul Calibur 4 and 5 and then play this you might not like it very much. However for those of you that remember the game going back to when it was 25 cents to play the arcade version, this will bring back a lot of memories. I have a PS3 slim, and I recently found out that all PS1 games play on all PS3 models….well this game at least! I would have bought this game again a lot sooner had I known that, most of you reading probably do know that…..but if not…..SOUL BLADE WILL PLAY ON ALL PS MODELS, WHETHER YOU HAVE A PS1, PS2, OR ANY MODEL PS3. I can not be 110% sure about other PS1 games…..but this is the most important game series to me anyways! I used to own a Sega Dreamcast, which I only bought because of Soul Calibur.

I like how the voices in the game are in Japanese; it gives this title a nice touch and helps to set it apart from the other titles in the series. It did take me a little while of playing to remember the movements and what buttons did what as they are a little different from Soul Calibur 4 and 5. All the game modes work fine, I just wish the game had an online play option though it came out originally before online was any kind of a big deal.

Unlike Soul Calibur 5, I can use Taki and Seung Mina (later would be spelled Seong Mina) in Soul Blade! Of course, you also get several different options in the game such as you can change the background music and some cool modes like Edge Master Mode. While Soul Calibur 5 may be far superior in graphics, it pales in comparison to Soul Blade where features and options are concerned. You would think Namco would have done a much better job with Soul Calibur 5 than they did, though at least the original is still around so that you can see how the story truly began!

One thing I was thrilled to see was the opening movie for the game, as it is by far the best opening movie for any of the games in the entire series to date.

It would be interesting to see what this game would look like with modern graphics, though I think it would be a very bad idea to even attempt an alteration of this masterpiece. This is one game that will truly live on in video game immortality.

……”The Legend Will Never Die”……
*Update from 11-2-12*
*I forgot to mention when I originally wrote this review that yes as the first person to comment on my review said, this game has one of the best opening themes of all time for a video game! It is one of my favorite songs period for that matter! I have not had any luck finding the soundtrack at a reasonable price anywhere; perhaps with Soul Calibur VI a Soundtrack collection will be released for all the games in the series? One other note on the song, the version featured in the opening sequence for the game is shorter than the CD version. Go to You Tube and search “Edge of Soul” or “The Edge of Soul”. Compared to some of the later games in the series, the graphics and game play may seem awkward to those not as familiar with the series. However, overall it is one of the best video games of all time ever made. I never would have grown to love the games had I not first played this game in the lobby of a Wal-Mart many years ago!*



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I have not been able to play much Soul Calibur lately, I have been more focused on Madden 13 – though I have NOT forgotten Soul Calibur. I did over the last few months spend some time trying to find out any information on why there where was so little information about the decisions made with SCV. Not only did I not find anything other than stuff like “Well the story is in the future, this character fits & that one does not” – I could not find out anything on the future of the Soul Calibur series.

Perhaps Namco may sell the rights to a Videogame Company (or software co, whatever the proper term is) that is more capable of doing the series justice? Bungie possibly?

Nintendo? Well Nintendo would be an Odd choice, though they are now more of a Software company anyways than a Hardware company if you think about it right? I mean sure Nintendo will likely always be around producing lower cost consoles, if nothing else for those that cannot afford the Xboxes and Playstations of the future. A game like this would give Nintendo a chance to expand, though it is very unlikely you will ever see Nintendo making games for the other guys unless their consoles stop selling at some point and they have no choice (if they want to continue on in that case).

I am glad that I did get SCV for the PS3, it is in some ways truly groundbreaking for the series. However, the inclusion of some of the newer characters such as ZWEI while excluding others such as Seong Mina (or Seung Mina as I have also seen it spelled) was nothing short of bizarre on a good day and utterly thoughtless on a bad day.

While the graphics were overall a HUGE step in the right direction, the game itself feels far too much like a “Tekken” game. Tekken has been what some would say a great series for its own reasons – BUT I always loved the Soul series more for its faster pace and more realistic game play feel as compared to Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and various other fighting games.

Some of the new DLC in SCV was amazing, though they should have also possibly made a more deluxe version of the game available so you could start out with all of the DLC instead of the AL LA CARTE format initially offered.

I am not a programmer, and I know little more than basic computer terminology. However as a fan of the series going back to Soul Blade on the PS1, I have seen the many changes the series has gone through over the years and may even have an insight that was lacking with some of the people who actually made SCV.

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Hello all, sorry I have not made a new post recently. As of late, I have not received many comments so I am not sure if a lot of people are even reading my blog. However while yes it would be great to get more comments whether they be positive or negative or possibly see more of the blog elsewhere on the net ….. though the main reason I started this blog was to kind of think out loud. To put my thoughts about the Soul series into a visual medium. To hopefully sound off if you will about Soul Calibur 5 and let Namco know what a lot of fans thought about the most recent installment (as well as ideas on how to make Soul calibur 6 better). While I have not had as much time for the blog lately due to personal reasons, I do try to check regularly for comments. Please continue to read and comment if you can. I will keep a check on the blog and respond to comments even if I am too busy to write a new post. Writing a post , for me, entails lots of gameplay and reading lots of information online about things from Soul Blade up to Soul Calibur 5. I just have not had the time required for that and may not have a lot of time for it over the next month or two. I will post more as soon as I can, though at the moment I am extremely busy…..just wanted to let everyone know I did not forget about nor give up on this blog! As the saying goes……”The Legend Will Never Die”.

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Sorry Everyone for the delay in my post, a lot has been going on lately though I will try to do a better job of keeping up with this blog in the future…….I will try!

So since my last post I have to say that yes I have had a chance to see more of Soul Calibur V and I am far more impressed than I was originally. However as the old cliche’ goes “having said that” I can also see why the sales have been down so much as compared to SCIV thus far overall. One of the main reasons which is also one of the things that inspired me to write the Blog was the Exclusion of Taki, Seong Mina (sometimes spelled Seung Mina), and Talim. Now those are the three I was most personally disappointed about – BUT – I am not discounting the outcry from other Soul Calibur fans about the other exclusions such as Zasalamel, and Hong Yun-seong. There are others yes, just a few that come to mind and besides my 3 those 2 are the others I see commented about the most as well. Another shocker to me was the decision to exclude Shura! I liked her a lot, while it was hard for me to learn her style / she was really cool once I was comfortable using her in the game. And there are others! But alas Namco Bandai or Namco or whomever (Project Soul) would say “We can’t put all those in the game, bla bla, bla. We are creating a new story that in some cases takes places after some characters may have died” . Now that is not a direct quote or any quote from Project Soul or Namco Bandai, though that is basically what they say when you read the different articles and or watch different interviews in reference to Soul Calibur V. I just took the information I have read and condensed it so you don’t have to read 50 something articles like I did to find out a little snippet of information to begin with. Also, if you can afford to get the Collector’s Edition for your 360 or PS3 – do it now! You get a card with a code for a couple armor pieces, a CD of the SCV soundtrack – but most importantly with the PS3 version you get a Bluray of the making of SCV (DVD with the 360 version). Also I did some reading on the game and discovered it was rushed, as it was originally coming out in July 2012 but magically appeared in January. So it could be said to some extent that maybe some other characters would have been in the game that were not, or at least the story mode would have been much better….its a joke in its current state on a good day. Character Creation is a step up for sure, though they did drop the ball here too. How? Well one thing that was overlooked was that some Characters such as Kilik for example who is a master of all the styles in the game as well as Elysium could not be customized to one weapons style in the game, which in Elysium’s case would have meant you could have cloned Sophitia in Character Creation! And another COLOSSAL blunder by Project Soul was not including the one Character that love him or hate him every last Soul Calibur fan knew was going to be in the game – Li Long. Ruh Roh! Another great decision by Namco at work yet again. His move set is very similar if not exactly what Maxi’s is, but duh – they could have tweaked it slightly so it wasn’t a total copy of Maxi as well as gave his weapons a completely different look from Maxi’s weapons. For that matter, they could have even put all of the Roster Characters from all the Soul Calibur (including Soul Blade) games in the game, and included the lesser known ones as unlockable content within the game (some of the characters would yes of course been available as DLC – but to at least have the option would have been nice). Finally, I am NOT trashing Namco Bandai or Project Soul, if it wasn’t for them there would be no Soul Calibur V! I honestly know it to be true in my heart, fingers crossed, that this is a learning experience for both Project Soul and Namco Bandai. I think SCVI will be what SCV should have been and more.

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Hey just a quick update, I may be busy the next few days though I will try to get a new post up as soon as I can, by next week at the latest though likely sooner.


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Well since I have been playing Soul Calibur IV again more I have to say that I like it better than Soul Calibur V, BUT, that is not to say that I will not be playing Soul Calibur V much much more in the future. OK so why do I like Soul Calibur IV better….two main reasons. I love some of the characters which were in SCIV and then omitted in SCV….such as Talim, Seong Mina, and Taki. There are others that were left out that others have complained about as well, those are just my 3 favorites. Another reason is you have to buy a LOT more in the Playstation Store (or with your Xbox Live Points) of the in game add – ons as opposed to in SCIV you can unlock the vast majority of in game add ons through game play. Of course, there are still add ons available for SCIV a couple of which you have to buy the DLC to use and one weapons pack for example that gives you all of the weapons in the game though you can also unlock those in the game. Now with SCV yes the DLC has greatly improved and made much for a much richer game (I have yet to get all of the DLC as of this writing) though its too bad that more of it could not have been put into the game as unlockables instead of DLC. One good feature, which may be of some debate, is that the newer DLC in SCV allows for more creative options… my impression thus far. I do think yes SCV has far better graphics though it seems to lack the gameplay speed of SCIV and at times feels like Mortal Kombat. I am not dissing MK, its a great game and all…. only saying the action is slower as compared to most if not all of the SC games. I will continue to play SCIV and get used to SCV as I can…. its sooo cool…..just really too bad they left out some of the characters in favor of newer ones that are not all that exciting anyways (to me at least, to others they may love the change).

I am getting back into playing Soul Calibur IV again after not playing PS3 for a while. I do also have a Wii on which I have Soul Calibur II , and eventually I will get a PS2 again so I can play Soul Calibur III and Soul Blade. I miss Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast, I cannot believe that it has not been re-released in a fully updated disc version yet! I had bought it on Xbox live when I had a 360, though that version of Soul Calibur was stripped down….missing some game options and so on… well as no online play. (Not sure if they added online play to that one at some point, only know for sure that when I had the Xbox and got that game it was not available.) One day it would be nice to see ALL of the Soul Calibur titles (including Soul Blade) re – released in full versions with online play available for purchase in the Playstation Store and on Xbox Live (as well as Nintendo’s Online Store if they can ever make a comparable console which as of this writing does not seem likely). When I say all versions, I am referring to the main/core titles not games such as Broken Destiny and so on…. though if they can be included as well I am not opposed to that. I consider the main/core titles to be : Soul Blade, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur II, Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur IV, and Soul Calibur V (as well as whatever follows such as SCVI, SCVII and so on).

I started this Blog to write about Soul Calibur games, to see my thoughts about the games on a screen and not just keep them in my head. I think there are millions of people out there who feel either just like I do about the Soul Calibur Franchise, or at least agree with me on things like characters that were left out, etc. I want to just write about my thoughts and experiences and so on with the games, I welcome comments, debate, even outright insults and disagreement if that’s how you want to respond. I don’t know as much as I had thought I once did about Soul Calibur, so this Blog is as much about sharing my thoughts and ideas on the game as it is about learning more about the games and if I can possibly have any input on Soul Calibur VI. When I say have input, I don’t mean I should be the one that decides what goes in the game, though I as well as you and anyone else whom loves the series whether they read this particular page or not – should as well. I know there was a Twitter page for SCV when it was being worked on, but Namco Bandai (or whomever is in charge of development,possibly Project Soul?) should give consumers more of a voice next time.

Overall yes I will continue to play these games for many years to come, I just want to learn more about them and if nothing else hopefully I can convince Namco Bandai or create enough of a voice through this conversation I started to get other people to demand the re-release of the games in full versions. (With Online play in each game.) In any event I also wanted to create a Blog to share links, resources, tips, hints, etc. about the Soul Calibur games. I will try to post links of interest or such as I am able to and please feel free to post any Soul Calibur related links or pictures here on this site as well.

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Hello World

Hello all, as you can see the Blog is titled “Soulcatibur” or I hope you can see it! I like cats in case you did not get that from the title, as well as yes Soul Calibur. However, I don’t plan to make this blog ONLY about those 2 particular subjects though of course the genesis of the blog is from some thoughts I had about Soul Calibur games. I started by making a post on a *Namco Bandai’s (*the software manufacturer of Soul Calibur V) website in one of the forums.

The website can be found here:
I live in North America, so if you are going to the site for the first time, you would select your country or territory for the correct language and so on. You can also change the location in the upper right corner of the screen (I prefer Google Chrome as my browser, but this should be the same on IE and Firefox as well).
Then the following in order to get to my post:

So when I made that post (which you can also read directly here on the blog without going to the website if you wish) I was perplexed as to why this character and that one was left out. Talk about a W T F moment! One may say why such harsh language in regards to me using W T F and I would agree, though it really felt like that to me when I found out some of the omissions with the game! However, I will say overall the game is a step up from Soul Calibur IV though there are some differences……however this post is not a review so for now let’s move on.

Well that was a couple days ago as of me writing this post,it’s now Monday July 16th,2012.

Anyways, so I was inspired to create a blog initially to show more people my post on the Namco Bandai board. However I have since thought that I could also write about other items of interest not just limiting the blog to only Soul Calibur and Cats. Of course this is and will continue to be an outlet for things concerning and relating to Soul Calibur. I am not an expert, just a fan that has become frustrated at times with not finding information about Soul Calibur games that I wanted or thoughts I had not even addressed….hence the blog. I will post more on some of that in another post…….

While I have yet to test any of the CAS (Create A Soul) formulas in character creation, I will be doing so and posting my thoughts under the posts of the CAS as I have been able to test each. I know in Soul Calibur V thus far a lot of items you have to purchase online in the PS store or Xbox live as compared to Soul Calibur IV you would EVENTUALLY be able to unlock almost all of the items other than a couple of DLC packs that were released for purchase. So hopefully these CAS formulas I find along the way all over the internet will work as intended without having to have purchased the different packs or I will try to find out what is needed to complete them,etc. So far I have only found one CAS formula that I posted for one of my favorite charachters, Seong Mina (which I also see spelled Seung Mina).

More to come, I welcome all comments, suggestions, etc …. if you disagree or dislike anything I say as well, that’s fine too just please try to explain what you don’t like or why you disagree and so on.

Thank you for reading,


********Update 01/28/15, my PSN is still soulcalibur815.  I have Soul Calibur 4, 5, and Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate.  I hope to get an Xbox One when I can (so I can play a relative online who lives in another state) but I am enjoying my PS3 as much as I can now and for quite some time to come.  Also, I don’t know if there will ever be another disc-based Soul Calibur console game……any info on that would be appreciated!  Thanks.********

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Soulcalibur V MUST HAVE DLC characters


Soulcalibur V MUST HAVE DLC characters

by soulcalibur815 » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:18 pm

Hey I just recently got a PS3 again and have not had much time to really get into Soul Calibur V yet….though overall for the most part I love what I have seen so far! One thing I noticed right away about the game play is that it was slowed down from Soul Calibur IV. It was not a big change, but noticeable after having played Soul Calibur IV so much. Anyways, if most of what I am posting now has been hashed and rehashed again forgive me – I just don’t know how else to get information about things like why some things are available and others are not via DLC on the PSN. (While I own a PS3, I would love to also hear thoughts and information from Xbox 360 owners as well. As far as I know there are not any differences between the PS3 and 360 versions pertaining to actual game content.) Namco Bandai could even possibly make special DLC cards for such content for the PSN and Xbox Live and sell the physical cards exclusively say at certain retailers such as Best Buy,Gamestop,Target,Walmart,etc. -or on those retailers websites as well.

Yes of course I know and understand that some of the characters have successors as well as yes in any series you try to introduce new characters going forward. You have to not only appeal to longtime fans yes, but of course attract future generations of fans as well.

Why are some of what many Longtime Soul Calibur fans considered to be no-brainers or a given if you will….not included in the game or even offered at least A la Carte via DLC? Okay yes I have read that perhaps some of these characters can be created via character creation maybe with a particular CAS formula.
That’s all fine and good and all that, though its far from the character actually being in the game.
The characters I feel really let down as far as them not being put into the game are:
Seong Mina, Taki, Talim. There may be others that other people feel just as passionate about or more so and yes they should be in the game too!
Those are just my 3 personal favorites. Why not have those 3 characters, as well as others people thought would be in Soul Calibur V even put up on the PSN store and xbox live for $4.99 each? A lot of money yes to pay per character for characters that should have been in the game anyways, although to at least give the gamer the option to obtain the character(s) if he or she chose to do so would be a win win for all. Namco Bandai would not only potentially make a nice profit, but the option to get those characters would probably entice a LOT more people want to actually buy Soul Calibur V.

Or was this intentional for Namco Bandai to make a launch title for the next Playstation and Xbox systems in a few years that will include every single Soul Calibur character going all the way back to Soul Blade? I am not saying that to be antagonistic in any way, just wondering if Namco Bandai has plans such a title in the future.

I was able to get the Soul Calibur V Collector’s Edition, and while its nice to have the making of Soul Calibur V bluray and the art book – I would have much rather received a DLC code for a number of characters that should have been included in the game anyway. I love Soul Calibur and yes I will be getting Soul Calibur VI when it comes out in the next couple of years, I just hope that Namco Bandai will include certain characters as permanent fixtures in the series from now on.