I wanted to write about thoughts and ideas I have, may have, have had, will have, bla, bla, bla, etc.

I try to write about things of interest to me, in a way I do not see or have yet to find them done.  I make an effort to write as original as possible – so if someone else out there online has already written what I have or very close to it…..then where are you?  I have grown tired of looking and looking online and not finding the answers to many of my questions!  So in an effort to find those answers as well as perhaps provide other people tired of the same old same old online with something decent to read – I decided to write about various items of interest.  Sure, not everyone will care about nor like what I have to say, and that is OK.  I hope through the posts I make as well as comments I receive, that I can find answers to different questions I may have as well as gain a better understanding about things I am interested in.