I have not written on here in quite some time.   Why?  Well in part I had really wanted to focus on creating You tube videos which I have also become lax on as of late.   The main problem with the You tube videos though was I was having trouble with being able to make the videos I wanted and not go over our Isp’s Band with allotment which is currently 350GB a month.  Now that is quite a bit, but when you factor in watching you tube and anime online along with all the other streaming we do – its not quite so much after all.

Yes I did check on what the next package up is with out Provider (Mediacom) and its 999 GB…….but for another $80.00!   What the hell?

So I am still going to be posting on you tube, but not as often and who knows when until I can learn some more about and use some of the free data compression software as well as any free video editing tools I can get my hands on.  I do not have a Smart Phone with unlimited Data, that would be the next choice….or perhaps going to the library or somewhere just to upload my videos.

So many other things going on!  Video games are a hot mess now, maybe more than they have ever been.  I myself got an Xbox One in back in December and less than a year later they have the Xbox One S!  Personally though I was not very impressed and have not and will not be purchasing an Xbox One S……nor a Scorpio.  I am going to play the shit out of my Xbox One and when the 2nd or 3rd upgrade to whatever is after the Scorpio comes out (late in the next gen possibly)  then possibly get another Xbox.  Of course that’s just me…..and that is not even taking into account the 4K factor.

I do not own a 4K TV or player, but they are great pieces of technology that will only get better and cheaper as time goes on.  Also 4K gaming and eventually movies are the types of 4K content I would be looking forward too.  Unless I can in the future get 4K cable that is not streamed over the internet but comes by way of a 4k Cable Box or 4K Enabled Cable box I do not care!  I mean I do care,  but I do not care about 4K streaming due to mainly the increased amount of Band with it would require and therefore not be an affordable option for us.  I have heard about the alleged existence of “Fiber Optic” internet for many years now…..have seen many people laying the cable and so on.  However I have yet to have lived in a single place (at least during the time I have lived there / here) that really offers and “Fiber Optic” Internet Options.
If I ever could get Internet with better speeds and unlimited band with…..at what cost might that be?

Now where this comes back to video gaming for a moment, including the consoles out now as well as the PS Pro, Xbox Scorpio and the rumored PS5 in 2018…….they could be band with HOGS!  Maybe not, but think for a moment…..whether you have them hooked up to a 4K TV or not the updates, streaming, and Digital Downloads / Purchased may be going over your internet connection in the equivalent of 4K.  If you have a 4K TV and can afford the charges or plan, great…….but if you have a 350 GB cap like I have……what the hell can you do?

Of course there  is one caveat to ALL of this, and that is – all of this is optional…….you do not have to buy a new console every year and I never would unless I was some big you tuber and it was then in way part of the job.

There are other things people are not even mentioning too!  OK so if you do want a 4K TV, and say a PS4 Pro and a 4k UHD Blu Ray Player (the one included in the Xbox One S is not so good……you’d be better off buying a regular Xbox One and the player separate if you want an Xbox) and a surround sound…….be ready for a total upgrade!  You may need a new Surround Sound receiver to connect your 4k equipment to!

The plot thickens again!  Should you buy a “Budget” 4K TV or pay a premium for what will be a “Budget” TV within 2 -3 years?

The key word here is Google!  I am far from an expert on theses topics, I am merely sharing my thoughts and experiences.  As far as owning all the consoles go, I did that with the PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii and it was kind of cool but also it wasn’t that satisfying in the end to own all of the consoles of a generation for me.  I mean sure go for it if that is what you want to do and you can, just don’t assume every consumer is going to do the same thing.  As for the length of the console generations, there was a change (at the time anyways) with the amount of money the Xbox 360($400.00)  and more notably the $600.00 60 GB PS3 cost.  People were willing to pay more for the consoles, but they wanted to know they would be supported longer / and Spoiler Alert they were!

Much like with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio we will overall see another lengthy console generation……


There are rumblings on the internets of the PS5 coming out the year following the Scorpio (where you would think the same year would have made more sense to be fair to consumers).  However, there are too many unknowns such as what will the Scorpio cost?  Will the PS5 (if it was to come out in 2018) be a lot more than the Scorpio?
And what in the hell do Microsoft and Sony have planned?  Will both the Scorpio and PS5 have good 4K Bluray players or simply be 4K gaming machines (the later which would be better and likely lead to a lower cost for consumers).  The Playstation Pro example, due out this year is going to have at least some (if not a lot of) true 4K gaming but no 4K Bluray player.  Compare that to the Xbox One S that says  on paper it can play 4K movies and deliver 4K gaming, which in the case of the Xbox One S are really just some cute marketing tricks used by Microsoft.

In any event, just play what you want to play.  I play my Xbox One on a 1080i TV and that’s OK.  It will probably be at least another 2 plus years before we even get a 4K TV and even then it would have to be some kind of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal (if I can find a good one).

And remember these are just the random thoughts of one random guy online…….if you have a problem with that then you have more time on your hands than I do!

Thanks for reading.