The title of this post is a question from someone in response to a video I posted on Youtube, which was not really connected to the question…….but at the same time I felt his or her pain.  If you have had Xbox Live in the last few months, you know the struggle too.  However overall I think its a great console and a lot of these growing pains go back to before the console even launched………..anyways…………………………………………

It depends. First things first, I assume that you have an Xbox Live Gold membership eh? I have not talked with anyone about anything having to do with I think its Silver (Non Gold Xbox Live Memberships).

OK well what I have done when I have had problems is:
Of course you can unplug your Modem and Router (we have a 2 in 1, so I only have to unplug one thing) and plug it back in and then when it boots back up – try again.

You can also on the Xbox One go to Settings, then Network Settings and then at the bottom left corner of the page go to ‘Alternate Mac Address’ and select ‘Clear’. You will then get a message that the Xbox One needs to restart to proceed or something like that…….so go ahead and do that and wait for the Xbox One to restart and you should be good.

Beyond that, I dunno……..not everyone has the same internet speeds….some people have slower internet even though you may have Broadband it is slower or faster than somebody. Also DSL is generally not very good or that reliable unless you have a T1 or something like that and that’s crazy money unless you are a business or some type of professional.

Now Xbox has had a LOT of problems over the last few years……much to my chagrin as I discovered this after I got my Xbox One……..BUT overall I love my Xbox One…….I guess its like the Offspring song “Self Esteem”.
The Xbox One is a GREAT console but its still catching up from the botched launch……..a lot of what they wanted it to do was rejected and people in masses bought PS4’s instead. Anyways things are looking up for the Xbox, they are selling more consoles and the network issues are fewer and fewer – but there is still a lot more to be done.

One thing that SUCKS is on the Games With Gold you have to have a CC (or Debit, whatever) on file to get the FREE Xbox 360 Games with Gold Game(s).
HOWEVER, I have never had to have an alternate form of payment on file to get the FREE Xbox One Games with Gold! So yeah sometimes its a WTF for sure no matter what….but wait there’s more…….
If you play any EA games like Madden or Fifa sometimes you get kicked offline for no reason and get an error message something to the effect of “You have been disconnected from the EA servers. Please check your connection and try again”. This really sucks if you are playing a cloud Franchise game in Madden and you are smoking the other team and “POOF” you get kicked offline in the middle of the second quarter.

Good Luck To Everyone out there!

One side note on why I am upset that you need a form of payment on file to get the free Xbox 360 games on Xbox One (per Games With Gold,provided of course you have a current active Xbox Live Gold membership)………