Thanks to everyone who has been checking out the videos so far……..I know they have been sporadic at best and the quality could be better.  I am trying to make the best videos I can and they will get better as time goes on……..thank you.

This is January 2016 and I hope I can be up to par by sometime next year……..but this is a long term get broke quick thing as one Youtuber put it.

So Pardon my Language – its not that I am creating shit content on purpose……rather the best that I can with the limited resources I have.  As my computers and things get better over time, I hope the videos will get better over time as well.  This is something I have toyed with for many years and now am finally committing to it even though yes this is a multi year endeavor even under the best possible circumstances.

Anyways I have recently developed an interest in watching a lot of Youtube videos, some from bigger studious like Vice News or IGN or whatever……..but the vast majority of cool videos I have seen online are from Youtubers who are either professional or semi-pro.  There is something different about the content I can get from various youtubers……and I want to be a part of that as well.

Now NO I am NOT saying I have the talent or that I will get to where those Youtubers are, they have busted their asses and work at it all the time…….and even then they where fortunate to make enough videos to finally have the opportunities they have.  However I am throwing my hat into the Youtube ring, and why not?  If nothing else. its something I can do to learn about how all of this works and maybe that can lead to an opportunity one day?  In any case I begin my Odyssey on Youtube and look forward to my Feedback, Subscribers…..likes on Facebook (when there is a page which will be forthcoming)……..and Twitter.

Thanks again to you all……even to the haters…….just bring it….thank you too.