A man in Chicago, Sam Baldwin’s (Tom Hanks), wife passes away and he starts to wonder if Chicago is still the place for him and his son to live. While Sam and his son Jonah (Ross Malinger) are trying to find what their next home and place in life might just be – there is someone else in search of something as well in Baltimore, MD.

Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) a writer lives in Baltimore, MD with her Fiancé Walter (Bill Pullman) and on the surface as well as to even herself is very happy but yet also seems to be lacking something, and in search of something. However while Annie is certainly looking and yearning for something more, she also has no idea what it is exactly that she may even be looking for!

Sam decides to start a new life, or rather a new chapter in both his and Jonah’s life in Seattle Washington….new home, new job, new everything except for he then starts to feel a need for something more as the new chapter of his life has just began.
Through a few things that may or may not just happen by chance at just maybe the right times – both Sam and Jonah, as well as of course Annie may find not just what they were looking for but a lot more than they ever could or would have dreamed of finding.

Now that’s my DVD or Blu-ray ‘cover’ portion of the review…..I wanted to try and capture the essence of what THIS movie is about without actually revealing anything about the movie. This movie is as I have been told, a re-telling or re-interpretation of “An Affair to Remember”. I have never seen that movie, and I may or may not ever see that movie, so, my review is based on as well as inspired by “Sleepless in Seattle”.

I attempted to capture the heart and soul of “Sleepless in Seattle” in my review and it was extremely difficult to do so (for me personally anyways) without giving away the plot or the entire movie for that matter.
This movie did come out in 1993 – so could I have been more liberal in my description of the characters and the plot? Perhaps, however I wanted to write a review with the idea it was being read by someone who had never seen the movie.

While the plot is not that complicated, and at points in the movie may even be predictable (or it may not be) that does not in any way take away from how great this movie is.

This movie is Tom Hanks at his finest, not too long before Forest Gump as well as Meg Ryan when she was still Meg Ryan.
I am sorry to bring it up, BUT Meg Ryan looks so different now it’s almost as if I have trouble even thinking of her as Meg Ryan. I am not picking on or making fun of Meg Ryan, rather I am making the point that she looks nothing like she did in “Sleepless In Seattle” and it is not just because she is older.

The *Blu-Ray’s (*Sleepless in Seattle ( Sleep less in Seattle ) [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import – Sweden) picture quality and sound quality compared to the DVD are so much better! The one gripe I have about this edition of the movie is the lack of special features compared to previous DVD releases of the film. However I really love this movie on Blu-Ray and plan to get a used DVD of the movie just so I can get all those special features. It would have been so nice if the special features had been included on or with this Blu-Ray! Or, what could have been done (as I have seen with other movies and even some video games before) is that you have the main title on Blu-Ray and then your special features are on a separate Blu-Ray or DVD (but included in the package with your Blu-Ray).

I see the movie is in stock, as of this writing on 3-25-2015. However at some point the movie will get harder to find as there were only so many Blu-Rays made. Of course if there is enough of a demand for the movie, there may be a major Blu-Ray release in the future… at the 30th anniversary mark in 2023 maybe? I do not get why such a film is not more widely available on Blu-Ray….far lesser and inferior films are on Blu-Ray…..just go into your local video store, Wal-Mart or Target and look at the Blu-Rays! Close to half of them are crap! And we cannot have “Sleepless in Seattle” more widely available on Blu-Ray? What’s up with that?

For most people, this is one to own! This is for sure one of those modern classic movies you cannot go wrong with!