(posted on amazon.com 09-01-2011)


I said it works, which it does very well but there are a couple things that you need to be aware of. These are not meant to clear a house of a heavy infestation nor is this absolutely going to work for everyone….in some cases this will not work in some homes.

Without getting into all the technical mumbo jumbo it works by sending a signal through the wiring in your home. There is then a signal emitted from the wiring in your home in the form of a very high frequency that is only detected by pests for the most part. However, if you have any Rodent based pets you do not want this item as it may cause extreme discomfort to your animal(s). I would NOT suggest getting this item if you have Reptiles of any kind either such as a snake even though I am not certain what if any effect it has on snakes. This device does not kill anything, it just makes the bugs leave your home and not come back.

This device will not interfere with any electronics in your home in any way and will not affect pets such as Cats and Dogs as the frequency is so high they cannot hear it.