(posted on 09-11-2012)

While a product like this would be ideal to most people, both in theory and practical use….there are a few things that you should know. The item does work, quite well in fact as a pet bed, or say under a fitted sheet on a mattress. However the pad will NOT stay in place as is. When I used this pad with a bed, I had to tape the pads (needed 2 of the larger ones at the time for a full size bed) to the mattress itself, then I put the mattress pad and fitted sheet on top of the pads. This method did work, though I found it worked far better to tape the pads to the top of the mattress pad and then place the fitted sheet on top of the mattress pad.

The tape I used was Gorilla Tape, though Duct tape or another similar tape will work fine.

Of course there are some drawbacks such as the tape could mark your mattress and so on. I was not as concerned with that at the time, since the mattress I was using was good but getting old.

For making a pet bed, I placed a pad I had cut down in a blanket and wrapped the blanket around the pad so the pad would not move (without tape, and the pad moved anyways though less than I thought it would). This was for my Cats; I did not have the chance to see how well it worked for Dogs.

In the future, I would probably use 2 or 3 of these taped or glued together in a thicker layer, and then place that inside a pocket I would make from a blanket and use that for a Cat bed.

These pads can be quite a bit of work but they are worth it if you have the time and patience to find out what works best for you.

I also wanted to add, buy from a reputable seller. When I ordered these pads a few years ago, I was sent the wrong size and was not happy with my experience. I usually do not like to get into such concerns in my reviews though I felt it was important for me to mention that, for people not familiar with the product. The size designed for a person is NOT the same size as the one intended for pet use. As for when I did get the correct size from another seller, they were great!

There are also Pet Pads available on Amazon that have the thermal pad inside, though it’s more expensive than doing it yourself you will save a lot of time and effort that way. As for the pads in general, you can also cut them for whatever size you need or want. They are also listed under other titles on Amazon (I have included a couple of links for examples). Enjoy your Thermal Pads and stay warm!
[[ASIN:B008OINMX2 Thermal Camping Pad 1.5mm Thick Foam 80″l X 36″w Double Sided Aluminum]]

[[ASIN:B00008V350 Bramton Sleep Right Self-Warming Thermal Cat Cushion]]