(posted on 2-3-2013)

I must say that when I ordered this while I did not expect to see a completely alternate take on the Bible and History as it is known, I did very much expect to see a lot more information and less speculation than was on the DVD.

The video was not very entertaining at all; a lot of speculation and guessing and perhaps some of the history of biblical times are subjective anyways. Whatever you may think, most people can at least agree that at one time there was a man who is known today as Jesus.

So who was Jesus? What did he do? He was known as the King of the Jews, though not a Jew himself in faith? Too many unanswered questions. I was looking to find out more about Jesus as a Teen, did Jesus ever drink and so on. What did Jesus actually do and where did he go during that part of the bible that was conveniently left out? In the video it is explored that perhaps Jesus used that time to travel the world to learn about other Religions and cultures.

However in the DVD there is no solid scientific, theoretical or even Biblical Hard Evidence to support any of the speculative ideas of the travels of Jesus. Personally I would say it is yes very likely that Jesus did in fact not only travel the Known world but what might have been considered the unknown world at the time. Why though? Was Jesus simply traveling to travel? Did Jesus want to learn as many languages as possible so in turn he could relate to as many people as possible in their own language?
HOWEVER, these ideas and obvious possibilities are simply ignored or vaguely touched and hinted upon in the DVD.

We all know the story of the crucifixion to a certain extent, I guess it depends on your beliefs – but at least most would agree that Jesus did in fact die as a result of being crucified on a cross.

However, since this was the unknown Jesus did perhaps Jesus plan to carry on longer than he did and the will of God contradicted the will of Jesus?

Far too many questions are just ignored. While I have no regrets about buying the DVD, I can say it was just not done well at all. Also, this documentary is dated – something I did not take into account when I bought it. While it may have been released on DVD in 2005, the program is from 1987! Jesus was far too important to history for such a program to have been done so poorly, even in 1987. A&E should do a NEW The Unknown Jesus documentary and also release it not just on DVD – but Bluray as well. Look at the things that were so poorly done in this first attempt and get it right in a new Documentary.

I would say this DVD is a good for those perhaps of different faiths wanting basic information about who Jesus was – but not for anyone who wants more than surface information as the title incorrectly implies.