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First, as for the title of my review….that is a way of describing how I feel about some elements that were left out of the game. The decisions to not include some of the longtime fan favorite characters are puzzling, as well as the utterly bizarre decision to not include Li Long in this latest installment. I have not been too much of a Li Long fan one way or the other, though millions of Soul Calibur fans whom are were really expecting it was a given that Li long was going to be in Soul Calibur 5. I must admit that I too was starting to look forward to and anticipate the LONG OVERDUE return of Li Long!

However, that was but one of many bad decisions made by Namco Bandai and/or Project Soul in relation to the game content. However, overall the game is solid and I gave it three stars for what I think of the fighting in the game as this is a fighting game. I am satisfied I bought the game; I just could not give it more than three stars for 2 main reasons.

1 – Too many omissions of long time Franchise characters.

2 – The game play speed is a noticeably slower than Soul Calibur 4. While the game looks and acts like a Soul Calibur game, at times is does not feel like a Soul Calibur game.

*(To those not familiar with DLC, it is an abbreviation for Downloadable Content and is typically referred to as DLC even though Downloadable Content is yes 2 words and not 3. DLC is additional in game content you can purchase to enhance your gaming experience. If you have a PS3, I would highly recommend that along with this game you purchase a Pre Paid Playstation Network card so you can get at least some of the DLC for this game from the Playstation Network Store. If you own an Xbox 360, I highly recommend that you purchase an Xbox Live Points card so you can purchase the desired DLC on Xbox Live.)*

I know this review is late considering the game came out some months ago! However, I recently got a PS3 again after not having one at the time Soul Calibur 5 was released. The guys at Project Soul dropped the ball with this one. Though even with such big and obvious oversights, I still have hope and maybe there is in the DLC area.

Of all the characters in the game I was most looking forward to playing with, I by far wanted to see the latest version of Seong Mina much more than any other character. I was really puzzled and felt let down when I discovered she was not only not in the game, but there were no plans whatsoever to even make her available via DLC. I was also disappointed very much when I learned that Taki and Talim were not in the game, as well as other Fan Favorites such as Zasalamel, Hwang Seong-Gyeong, and others.

With the omissions of what you would think were obvious inclusions in the game, came new or reincarnated characters some of which made no sense at all. Sophitia is not in the game, though her 2 children Patroklos and Pyrrha are… well as some kind of spiritual reincarnation of Sophitia called Elysium. Kilik returns, though he is now a master of all styles ….yet another of many puzzling choices about the game. Much like Kilik, instead of the style we all know….they make Elysium a master of all styles. Ok, if you wanted to do so with Kilik and Elysium – fine. However, there should have AT LEAST been an option in character creation to create a single style for both Elysium and Kilik so those of us whom choose to do so……could use them in their styles that we have become accustomed to using over the many years.

I have been a fan of the games going back to the first title Soul Blade that was released in 1997 for the first Playstation (in the USA). In the USA the game was titled Soul Blade and then the sequel was Soul Calibur (and following titles were Soul Calibur and the numerical order for the title, other than a couple of Soul Calibur spinoff games). When the game originally came out in 1996 in Japan before moving to other overseas markets, it was called Soul Edge. The spinoff games are not very good from what I have seen so far, such as Soul Calibur Legends for example. (It was yes a Soul Calibur game though it was a departure from the fighting format and did not translate yet into a good game. I have not yet played the PSP incarnation – Soul Calibur Broken Destiny / though I have no plan to buy a PSP anyways.) I think yes it would be great to see a Soul Calibur adventure game for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. However, both Namco Bandai and Project Soul need to focus on making Soul Calibur 6 the best so far….and then think about another kind of Soul Calibur game while Soul Calibur 7 is being developed.

There are some great things about Soul Calibur 5, such as some of the newer DLC costume additions as well as the look of the game being a lot sharper and it graphically looks a lot better than previous titles. The Collectors Edition for both PS3 and Xbox 360 include an art book, Soul Calibur 5 Soundtrack CD, and a nice fancy box….which could have been done much better possibly with a metal tin as was the Collectors Edition of Soul Calibur 4.
However, the inside of the packaging for this edition is nice as compared to the nice looking tin for 4 and a severely lacking interior. The PS3 version includes a Bluray of the making of Soul Calibur 5, which is more of a collection of stuff about the making of the game and could have been much longer. It would have been nice to see more on the disc such as a complete history of all the games in the series. The Xbox 360 version comes with a DVD and not a Bluray disc. The included art book looks nice, though it could have been much better and included more information. Of course, I suppose you are only going to get so much content in such an art book as they also sell the guidebook for the game separately and usually reserve certain content for the guidebook.

As for the DLC and the in game content, the guys at Project Soul seemed to not have even tried here! I do appreciate a lot of what you can get with the DLC and in game content; however there is NO organization for a lot of content such as with previous titles. Some content appears at will, other content is non existent unless you actually purchase the DLC. Of course Namco Bandai is going to milk this game and sell whatever DLC they possibly can. I am not faulting Namco Bandai for this, however I feel that there should have been a lot more in game content instead of very little and having to purchase so much DLC to really get much enjoyment from the game. I like the game very much, BUT, if you do not purchase at least some of the DLC there is not much point to this game.

The story mode in the game is so bad, why was it even included? I do like some other modes, such as Quick Battle, Arcade, and Character Creation. However, while some great DLC was added to creation the mode was still overall severely lacking obvious options and some area were simply ignored yet again! Why in the world can I not edit some portions of some existing characters costumes? Why can I not modify some existing characters fighting styles? And one of the most obvious omissions with character creation yet again…….
Why was a more thorough template not included???????

I say template, which may be better described as templates or body styles and other such options. For example, they should have included Seong Mina’s weapon in creation as well as her body style, look and attributes so even though she would not technically be in the game – you could still play as Seong Mina if you wanted. This would have also solved the problem of the many other characters not being included in the game – sort of!

I say sort of as there is no reason that Seong Mina as well as other characters such as Li Long and Hwang (and others) were not included in Soul Calibur 5. Considering how bad the story mode for Soul Calibur 5 is, it should have just been left out altogether. If the story made was not in the game that would have allowed for more than enough room in the game for the many characters that should have been in the game anyway!

If you are someone whom has never played any of the previous games in the series, you will love this game. If however you are familiar with the series and have played it over the years….then you may be in for quite a bit of shock and disappointment.

I am very familiar with a lot of games in the series, and I do love this current installment very much as a whole. Having said that, I am looking forward to Soul Calibur 6! I feel confident that Namco Bandai and Project Soul will make the next game the best yet in the series.

…….”The Legend Will Never Die”………………