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I ordered these from another website, the Emery Cat website…. but wherever you do decide to get these…..just buy them already! Of course if you do not already have the base as I do, you will need that as well. I have used a couple of different scratching things for my cats, I think mostly the Super Scratcher. However with the other scratch pads such as the Super Scratcher and an off brand that was similar to Emery Cat – the cats just tear those up and then there are little pieces of the board everywhere! I love the Emery Cat because my 2 cats can get on in and scratch as hard or fast or rough as they like and the emery cat never flips over and is not as easily moved around as compared to the Super Scratcher or other inferior designed Cat Scratchers.

The Emery Cat also lasts much longer than other scratchers I have purchased. The one con I would say is that the replacements for the emery cat are not as easily found in local stores, it would be nice if Wal Mart, Target, and pet stores would keep them in stock on a more consistent basis. Also, while some would see this as a con – I see it as a minor detail: You need to use the Emery Cat brand refills for the Emery Cat base. There is a LOT of other off brands out there that look at first like they might fit your Emery Cat base, but when you get home you will find out otherwise and be stuck with a scratcher that only lasts a couple weeks to a month at best. If you want to see you cats go really crazy, get some Cosmic Catnip and put it under the Emery Cat refill!