(Posted on amazon.com 09-01-2011)


This game is great! Honestly has it not been for this game coming out in 2008, I would not have purchased a Wii in 2009. Sure the Wii has a lot of other good games and as well know – it also plays every single Gamecube game!
However, let’s face it – when it comes to Nintendo there is one thing that matters…..NOT Zelda, Not Kirby, Not Pokémon, not even Wii fit! What really matters when it comes to Nintendo is MARIO KART! With this game, yeah some people may prefer the wheel though I use a Gamecube Gamestop brand Wireless controller.

Nintendo FINALLY made a Mario Kart game that you can play online against other people! However, while most races I have been in are a lot of fun….the game and Wii is so easy to hack that sometimes you will find yourself in a race you have no chance of winning due to the use of cheat codes by others. Otherwise most all online races are great! The one thing I would have changed about the game is the track selection….it was nice but I felt there could have been more tracks added or even have track packs for purchase in the online Wii store via the Wii menu. The game play itself is fun, fluid and exciting! I have won lots of online races in the last 5 seconds of a race, if that’s not fun what is?

This game is good enough to buy a Wii just for this game with the ability to play online against others it is so worth it! If for some reason you are the one Wii owner in the world that does not have this game…..get it! I do not personally care for the wheel, you can find the game used for less without the wheel and you can always get the wheel later anyways if you change your mind and get the wheel later. (I myself did get the one with the wheel. It was one of the games I bought when I first got the Wii and I did use the wheel at first though it just did not work as well as a Gamecube controller.) You really feel like you are in a real race sometimes!

It is awesome sometimes when you have a streak online, though it does take practice to get good…..but it is sooooo much fun when you win 5 or 6 online races in a row! I still have yet to complete all the offline modes as I bought the Wii and this game for the online play…..though there are some things that you can do offline to unlock things in the game faster such as beat track lap times and so on.

***Update 03-23-15. Some time back Nintendo stopped supporting online play for this title. You would now have to get a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 if you want to play a Mario Kart game online.***