(posted on 09-01-2012)

I have had this Camera since March 2010, bought the camera a few days before I went to the Kobalt Tools 500 in Atlanta (as of late – the last early race in the season at Atlanta).
I also bought separately the same day I got the Camera, the following items.

An 8GB SD Card, as well as a 4pack of AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries.

I used the Camera to take a LOT of photos at that race, I think around 2,300 or so and several short videos….and the SD Card still had a ton of room! I prefer the PC setting for picture quality and with this setting for pictures the 8 GB SD card will hold over 10,000 pictures. If you choose the 16×9 setting you will have considerably less storage on your SD Card, though that will still allow you well over 2,000 pictures.

I love the zoom on the camera, 15x times is great!

I am at the moment using my Energizer rechargeable batteries; however the Ultimate Lithium disposable batteries are the way to go! When I have been to a race or other event, I usually have a fresh set in the camera as well as a backup set in case the batteries in the camera go dead. As long as you have a fresh set in the camera you should be fine for a no less than a few days even if you were to use it strictly for making videos. I just try to have an extra set of batteries with me for any kind of special event, just my personal preference.

If you are only taking pictures, the batteries will last you quite some time! For just picture taking, the Energizers will last at least 2-3 months or more. If you are using the camera for videos, your battery life will decrease more as compared to photos only. I have yet to fully test how long the Ultimate Lithium Batteries would last doing just videos non stop – though I would guess 3 days would be a safe bet (and I would guess longer). You can do videos up to 27 minutes at length at a time, which the camera will record in the default HD 720p Resolution. As with taking pictures, the proper lighting is important for videos if you want them to be clear. Background noise can be a problem as the mic picks up EVERYTHING, so try to keep that in mind if you are making a video and you want the audio to be heard clearly.

I am not as familiar with a rechargeable battery pack for the camera, though there is a DC port on the side of the camera. The DC allows you to charge a battery pack. I have not used a battery pack or charger, though I feel comfortable in saying they won’t last as long the Energizers anyways. I am only referring to the Energizer batteries in this review as they are the only brand I have tried besides sometimes regular AA batteries (the regular batteries DO NOT last long at all – do not depend on them to last, go with the Energizer Ultimate Lithium if you want a battery you can count on). The Energizer rechargeable batteries I use typically do not last very long, usually as long as regular AA batteries before having to be recharged.

To maximize the battery life, you need to set the camera for what type of battery you put into it. The options are:
-Alkaline (Regular AA)
-Coolpix (Ni-MH) (Rechargeable)
-Lithium (Lithium, such as the ones I recommended, or your preferred Brand.)

While I own an 8GB SD card for my Camera and it should be more than enough for what I need for the life of the Camera, this camera can accommodate up to a 16GB SD Card.

As for options, this camera has quite a few! I usually use the auto setting for most pictures, though you can choose from several different manual options which may work better for the more advanced user. I usually like to take Standard color photos though you also have the option of Vivid color, Black-and-white, Sepia, and Canotype.

I honestly have only read the instruction book two or three times, so this Camera is ideal for the more novice or beginner such as me that enjoys using the camera and figuring out the different features on my own.

One other item worthy of mention is there is a tripod attachment opening on the bottom of the camera, the tripod is sold separately unless of course you buy a package which includes one (as well as the SD Card is sold separately). It’s been a while since I bought my Camera, though I don’t think it came with any batteries either. You would also have to buy a rechargeable battery pack as well or purchase a kit that includes the battery pack and charger.

In conclusion, this is a great Camera that will work well for just about anyone! The only limitations I can think of are of course you can not add or change different lenses or the flash – this camera is an all-in-one unit. However, that is one of the reasons I bought this camera. As for the video feature I was only looking for a camera that took great pictures, the video feature was only an added bonus for me. The feature however could be ideal for someone looking to make shorter videos for YouTube or just to send someone a video of your children, pets, etc.

The links I have included are for examples only. You may like these items, though you may prefer a different brand. I suggest using whatever quality brand you prefer. There are many other brands available for different needs and preferences.

[[ASIN:B000P5XLOW PNY Optima 8GB SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card P-SDHC8G4-EF]]

[[ASIN:B00003IEME Energizer Ultimate L91BP-4 Lithium AA Batteries, Pack of 4 Batteries]]

[[ASIN:B00339NINQ Energizer Value Charger with AA Rechargeable Batteries]]

[[ASIN:B003ASQH7O .. Deluxe Pro 57″ Camera Tripod with Carrying Case For The Nikon Coolpix L21, L22, L110 Digital Camera]]

[[ASIN:B004HXKVXC Accessory Starter Kit For The Nikon Coolpix L21, L22, L110 L120, L310, L810 Digital Camera Includes Deluxe Carrying Case + 50″ Tripod w/Case + USB 2.0 Card Reader + LCD Screen Protectors + Mini Flexible Tripod + 3 Pc. Lens Cleaning Kit + MicroFiber Cloth]]

[[ASIN:B002CZQ7VM Nikon EN-MH2-B4/MH-73 2 hour Charger with 4 2300mAh Ni-MH AA Rechargeable Batteries (Retail Package)]]

[[ASIN:B003BWHLMO 8D UC-E6 USB cable for Nikon Coolpix L110, L21, L22, S3000, S4000, S6000, S8000]]

[[ASIN:B0024WWM80 Nikon EH-67 AC Adapter for Coolpix L100, L110, L120 – OPEN BOX]]

[[ASIN:B002CZQ7VC Nikon EN-MH2-B4 Ni-MH 2300mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries Set of 4 (Retail Package)]]

[[ASIN:B003BWCYJO Deluxe Accessory Kit with 8 AA Rechargeable Batteries + Rapid Charger For The Nikon Coolpix L21, L22, L110 Digital Camera]]

*If you are buying this camera new or used and the firmware has never been updated – I suggest that you update the firmware. (However some people may prefer the original default factory settings and your camera should still work just fine if you don’t want to bother with the firmware update.) To update the firmware, go to Nikon’s website or put “Nikon L110 Firmware update” in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing for example. Download the firmware onto the SD Card you will be using with the Camera before you start to take any pictures. Once you have the update data on your SD Card, insert into the camera, select update firmware and then the firmware will update. Once you have completed the update, just format the card in the camera and then start to have fun with your new camera! For more detailed instructions, use any of the above search engines (or your preferred search engine) and search for “Nikon L110 Firmware Update Instructions”. However you should see the instructions when you are on the download page for the update, or in the other search results. If you do not, don’t panic! Just use a search engine to find the instructions separately.*