(posted on 2-17-2013)

A small time crook Frank and his girlfriend Roz decide to get away from everything for a few days after Frank has pulled what he hopes to be that one last job. Unbeknownst to Roz at the time, Frank has no intentions of stopping his ongoing shenanigans. As their relationship is addressed, and the typical tensions of any long term relationship arise things become slightly more complicated. Suddenly the two are on the run from the FBI, while the FBI doesn’t even know who they are. Things are further complicated when the person who hired Frank is not pleased at Frank’s sudden change of plans. Roz meets someone who may be just a friend or………?

I have liked Dennis Leary for quite a while, ever since I first heard his audio CD “No Cure for Cancer”. I have enjoyed him in several movies and of course the TV series “Rescue Me”. However when I first heard of this movie, quite some time after it had been released I was very skeptical at first. I love Sandra Bullock as an actress, though I really was not sure how she and Leary could possibly do anything entertaining together. I thought that because of how different they are from one another, that this was going to be one long ride to snooze Ville!

I was wrong at my assumptions, as well as pleasantly surprised at not only how well the two played off of one another – but also how well their characters worked into the plot.

Yaphet Kotto who plays “FBI Agent O’Malley” is amazing, providing additional comic relief and moving the plot along as well.

I would have loved to see this movie on Bluray; however I could only find the DVD when I wanted to purchase the movie.

This is a great movie, nothing too serious….yet somewhat serious at times…and funny as well!