(posted on 5-15-2014)

Mountain Dew Baja Blast is great! I hope it is not available for only a limited time in stores!

Why this is not a permanently available retail & grocery product I have NO idea whatsoever. On the can there is a Taco Bell Logo and a “for a limited time only” notice. I know the Product was only available exclusively at Taco Bell for some time. I can say that the Baja Blast I did try in the past at Taco Bell is no comparison to the pre packaged version. It was good, but the pre made stuff is far superior! I have no problems with Taco Bell at all – I just do not think this product should continue to be a Taco Bell exclusive product in the future.

A lot of times with Fast Food, there are many factors which can affect the taste of your soda. However, I cannot say for a fact of course that any of these possible factors would be why the Soda has tasted different when I have bought one at a Taco Bell.

I am not claiming Taco Bell has done anything wrong with Baja Blast – I am only saying that there is a noticeable difference in Taste between the Fast Food and Store Bought versions of the same product.

The store bought Baja Blast is the way this beverage should be experienced. Sure if you have a local Taco Bell in your area and there are no stores carrying this Soda at the moment you can get to – of course try one at Taco Bell! However the true deliciousness and yummy sensations of this drink both really come to life with the store bought version.
If you love Taco Bell, by all means get your food there if you’d like. However get your Baja Blast from the closest store that has it in stock if that’s possible.

Mountain Dew needs to make this a permanent retail and grocery product in the 12 pack cans, as well as offer a 24 pack can case ….. In addition to various other sizes such as 2 Liters, 20 oz. bottles, 24 oz cans, etc. – all as permanent items including also a Diet Baja Blast available in all the same sizes as the regular Baja Blast.
I am not saying this will replace Coke, Pepsi, or even RC Cola ……. But for when you want something a little different in your Soda right now there is no better choice that you could possibly make.
***** The current listed price on this page (as of this writing 05/15/2014) of $32.39 is WAY too high. Even the other lower prices are still too high! Do not pay this unless you live in a very remote area and have no other way to get the product! I have bought this 12 pack twice recently, once from a grocery store for $4.99 and once from a larger store for $4.49. I have also on 2 different occasions recently bought a 24 oz. can of Baja Blast for $1.50 each. I have also seen it for sale in 20 oz. bottles in a Soda Cooler for $1.69 each. I understand that this includes Free Shipping, and low cost shipping on a couple of the other sellers listings – however – you can get this product much cheaper locally. *****

One other note, as of 05/20/2014 one of my local retailers (possibly more, I just have only been to one lately) had the 12 pack cans of Baja Blast on sale for only $3.00.

As of 05/21/2014 I see that some of the sellers have done a lot with their prices on this product and that’s great! However unless you get free shipping the total purchase price is going to far exceed what you would pay even at regular retail prices.