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I bought this back in 2008 from Amazon.
I also wanted to say, as I have seen other people post similar things on Amazon that it asks you to “Rate This Game” and “How much fun is this game” – this is not a game but an accessory. I would give and do give Soul Calibur IV 5 Stars!

However while this is a good design and works well, this controller does have a few shortcomings. It would have been nice if the controller would have had a built in rechargeable battery so you could charge it with any PS3 controller charging cable….and then not have to rely on having it plugged into your console to use it.

The design of the controller is also a lacking from an aesthetic perspective. The Picture on the base (under the buttons and stick) is really just a heavy duty sticker. Of course it would have raised the cost – but it would have been nice to see a better design such as how the surface of the Mortal Kombat 2011 controller was done……that controller is much bigger than this one would have ever been but the surface under the stick and buttons is great.

The stick and buttons do feel great and respond very well….though they were a lighter than perhaps they should have and could have been.

One good thing about this stick is it’s a SOUL CALIBUR controller! If you are any kind of a Soul Calibur fan….you really should have at least one of these!