(posted on 3-12-2013)
This is a great little Pretzel Maker, not Restaurant, Institutional, nor professional quality – BUT is an excellent addition to your home kitchen.

I will say that while overall I love the Pretzel Maker and will buy another in the future when this one stops working (which I hope will not be for a long time of course); there are a few downsides. However, the positive things I like about this kitchen gadget far outweigh the few negatives.

The Recipe book included with the Pretzel Maker is a joke! The only recipes in the book are for desert style pretzels! What’s up with that? I mean yeah I get that a lot of people and possibly children would maybe prefer those over the more traditional butter (or oil) and Pretzel Salt. However I bought this pretzel maker to make us Traditional Pretzels with Pretzel Salt! So naturally, I was hoping that there would (and felt that there should have been at least one of those recipes in the included recipe book.

There was also a very serious misprint in the book, though it had been so long since I last did anything with Dough at home – I at first did not give it a second thought.
The recipes in the book all called for 4 Ounces of Yeast! Wow! Anyways, after I searched online for a recipe more to my liking, I noticed in those recipes that I should use ¼ of an Ounce of Yeast, so with the misprint they left out the “1/” in ¼ and it should have been ¼ and not a 4 as printed.

I used Google to search for “Pretzel Maker Recipe” to find the recipe I use, which is on “allrecipes”.

The first couple of Pretzels will probably get burned when you first use the Pretzel maker; I guess this is part of breaking it in. After that, I have not had any such issues.

I lightly oil the Pretzel Maker before each use, for a batch – I have only done up to a double batch so far. I prefer Olive Oil; have not tried another Oil yet….though you only need a little bit anyways. I put a small amount into each Pretzel Burner and use a paper towel to spread the Olive Oil around to create a very light thin layer of the oil in the burners and around them. If I need more I put the paper towel on top of the open bottle of Olive Oil as needed. I coat the top element very lightly all over using the paper towel, holding it on top of the bottle.

I like to have the Pretzel Maker oiled before I start the dough, it really does not matter at what point in the process that you do that – it works for me that way as well as I would probably forget otherwise.

All in all this Pretzel Maker was a great purchase; I just wish I could make more than 4 Pretzels at a time! I know there are other models that make more at a time, but they cost more so I would rather stick with this one as I know it works well for me.

The Cutter that was included is not very sturdy, I tried to use it once and it just mangled the dough.

However, I did not buy this Pretzel Maker for the cutter or the recipe book – I bough it to make Pretzels and it does an amazing job making them!

One item which does not matter to me, though may or may not matter to others is that there is no on/off switch. You plug the power cord into an outlet and it’s on (light turns green when it’s ready) and you unplug it when it’s done.

I just wanted to let people know how much I love this Pretzel Maker, as well as what I did not like so much about it.

Overall I am more than satisfied and cannot wait until I have the time to make Pretzels again!