(posted on 09-21-2012)

I LOVE this product! If you have Cats and you use Cat Litter then this is the product for you! I have used Scoop Away for several years now with great results! The odor control is much better than higher priced brands such as Fresh Step or Tidy Cats. I have previously used Tidy Cats crystal litter (which is supposed to have superior odor control); however the odor control for Tidy Cats crystal litter pales in comparison to Scoop Away! Also one item worthy of mention is that while this brand may often times cost less than other Cat Litter brands; it is not a discount brand. Scoop Away is a great quality brand that provides you with better quality and value than the more popular brands.

Cat Litter in general is something that has to be maintained often, regardless of what brand is best for you. I recommend scooping your Cat Litter a minimum of twice a day, more often if possible. Scooping your litter often will help with odor control.

The style of Litter Box I prefer is a covered Litter pan with an open lid.
I usually buy the style of Litter Box that has the pan cover with a flap opening, though I always remove the flap. While the flap will help with odor control, it seems for some reason to be very irritating to the oldest Cat. I always buy the style of Litter Box that accommodates the air filters as well, though I have found them to not do much of anything for Litter Box odor. The best thing for overall Litter Box odor control is Scoop Away Cat Litter.

A lot of Vets and Cat experts recommend having one more litter box than the number of Cats you have. We have 4 Cats and three litter boxes. I scoop the litter a minimum of twice a day.

Our Cats are indoor Cats, if your Cat is mostly outdoors or indoor/outdoor then you may not have to scoop and change the litter as often.
I prefer to put about 17lbs. of litter in each Litter Box when changing the litter. You may need more or less depending on the number of Cats you own, as well as the size of your Cats.

Of the different verities of Scoop Away available, I highly recommend the Multi-Cat scented formula, even if you only have one Cat! The Multi Cat scented formula will give you the best possible odor control. If your Cat has allergies or is sensitive to scented Cat Litter, then I would suggest one of the non-scented verities.

Whatever Cat Litter you decide to provide for your Cat, I again suggest that you use Scoop Away!

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[[ASIN:B0002ASCGM Van Ness CP7 Enclosed Cat Pan/Litter Box, Extra Large]]

[[ASIN:B001U8L8NO Pureness Ebytra Giant Translucent Enclosed Cat Litter Pan, Assorted Colors]]

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