(posted on amazon.com 09-01-2011)


Great! I will never buy another item of this sort again from anyone other than Skinomi unless it’s a size that Skinomi does not carry! The cover went on very easily. The one drawback to items like this is that your phone must be off for like 12 hours or more before and after the application…..though once it’s on it’s on and NOT going anywhere unless you want to remove it in which case it will peel right off.
My phone is touch screen only, any Zio Droid, so it was important to me to have some kind of screen protector such as this. You can see the cover and tell its there, though it’s very subtle and has not interfered with the operation of the phone in anyway! If you have an I Phone or Droid, and you do not have a Skinomi…shame on you!