(posted on 6-24-2013)

I hate to start of a review like this, but the price here is just silly! I can buy the 24 pack of Dasani at my local Wal Mart for $4.99 (sometimes $3.99 depending on if I happen to buy it when it’s on sale). I would think the seller has come up with a formula concerning the price so they can make some profit since the shipping would typically be high for this due to the weight. While I can very easily make it to Walmart before or after work, or at other times if desired, I can understand some people may not have the luxury of getting to the store so easily (if you live in for example a remote area like parts of Alaska or Canada, etc.). If I lived somewhere where I could not just go to the store, or the closest store was several hours away – I would have no problem ordering this product from Amazon. I am thankful I can get it at a good price, though I would pay more if I could afford it and I had no other choice (such as no stores nearby).

I have tried many brands of bottled water, and all have paled in comparison to Dasani! Yes I know that all (or almost all anyways) Bottled Water is just local tap water that is just re-filtered many or several times over using high end filters in HUGE amounts.

I do not totally agree that the bottles are harmful to you, though yes you can make a case that over time they are expensive and bad for the environment. I respect those views and appreciate the concerns and thoughts of those who hold opinions different from my own.

However, I just cannot seem to drink regular tap water! Yes OK I get it that this may be in a technical sense just that – nothing more than the tap water I profess to not stand and for that matter be able to enjoy and drink regularly as I can with Dasani. Dasani is filtered more than regular tap water, and maybe it could even be just a touch of salt that makes it taste better. I live in Illinois now, for about a year after living in South Carolina for over 30 years. I have been drinking Dasani off and on since about 2002. The Dasani here tastes exactly the same as what I used to get in South Carolina. That is one of the things I love about this product – the taste is consistent no matter where you get it in the country.

Also, I have a personal attachment with this product that I have never had with any other product. I had mono (mononucleosis) back in 2002. When you have Mono one of the main things you have to deal with is your throat swelling some and difficulty swallowing. For a while, I think the first few weeks I could not swallow much of anything nor drink much else besides water. When I was feeling bad one day at work, I had to leave and go to the Emergency Room at the local hospital. I had a blood test and was diagnosed with mono. So, after that I left to go home and stopped to get some things at the store to get me through the next few days at home.

One of the items I purchased at the store was a 24 pack of Dasani water, which I don’t recall having ever tried prior to that (of course I had tried Bottled Water previously, just not Dasani before that). I was able to drink the Dasani without any problem at all and I have continued to drink it ever since! While this product was easy for me to consume compared to any other brand at the time I was sick, I have since not found another brand that compares in any way to the taste of Dasani.

I am not saying that some of the other brands such as Fiji (and others) are not any good, as there are many people who love them as I do Dasani.

I am only saying that for me and possibly many other people as well that Dasani is not only a great value but by far the best bottled water you can buy.

I understand that there are now different varieties of Dasani, I just don’t ever want to see this one go away! Thanks Dasani!