(posted on 6-11-2013)

I have one of the older blue Cat It water bowls, and the filters with the picture of the Green Water bowl on the cover are exactly the same as the other filters I used to get.

I assume since the bowl I have is pretty much impossible to find, it has been discontinued though these filters are exactly the same!
Well yes to be technical, correct if you please, you can still find the Bowl I have brand new online. However the prices I have found are silly. I can’t seem to find it for less than $60.00. If there are any out there for a more reasonable price, please leave a comment with some information on what the website is, etc.

It would be great if the sellers (or whoever is responsible for the Product Description part of the listing) would not have a photo of the old packaging. The current packaging should be pictured and not the old packaging since you are going to get the current product and not the old product.

These filters work great! They will keep your Cat It bowl running for a very long time! However ……. While these filters are essential and must be replaced periodically there is some maintenance required for your bowl, filter, and pump. If you can afford a cleaning kit, that’s good but only makes maintaining your bowl easier – you do not need to purchase those special brushes.

At least once a week, wash and rinse your bowl and the parts. Try not to get soap inside the pump. Do pull the cover off the pump though and rinse thoroughly with hot water (as hot as you can stand without burning yourself). If you do get soap in the pump, just make sure to rinse it even more thoroughly to make sure all of its out of the pump. Never get soap on the filter, but do rinse the filter very well and pull off any cat hairs or anything else on the filter. You can use tap water, but if you can use filtered water. Bottled water is fine (though more expensive) though I use the water from the tap filtered through a Pur Water filter. (You can use any brand you choose, or any type of water filter that works for you.) The filtered water is easier on the pump and will also allow you to use your Cat It filters for much longer than just standard tap water. I am getting at least 2 months out of each filter as compared to 3 weeks with just unfiltered tap water.

Our cats love to drink from their Cat It bowl, and this filter keeps them coming back again and again and again.