(posted on 7-8-2013)

This stuff is amazing…..for our 2 LED TVs; while it does work on the LCD….it takes a LOT more time and effort! I cannot speak for what this would do for a Plasma TV, though I would think it might not work as well on glass. For Plasma, I would suggest getting something specifically for Plasma TVs.
(Talk to your salesperson or do some research online to make sure you buy the right screen cleaner for your TV.)

We have one 32 inch LCD, a 40 inch LED and a 19 inch LED. The cleaner is AMAZING for both of the LED TVs! For the 40 inch set in particular the TV was so dirty I thought I had a crack in the screen from when I moved about a year ago. However after FINALLY ordering the Monster Screen Clean my TV screen looks new again! I would never recommend to anyone to not clean your LED TV for a year that is just the way it worked out for me most recently.

Also, how you apply the product is very important to having it last for a long time. When I had purchased this product in the past (at the time for a 27 inch LCD TV) and for my 40 inch LED TV for a while….I would spray this product directly onto the screen. DO NOT do that! It won’t hurt the screen, but it will make it harder to clean and you will use up your bottle of Screen Clean much sooner than you should.

When you apply the product, spray onto the included cloth and then apply to your screen. Do not use other cloths to clean the screen, only the cloth included in your kit.
It does not matter how you wipe the cleaner onto the screen, all TVs are different – figure out what works best for you to have a clean, streak- free screen. I spray the cleaner onto the included cloth and use back and forth and up/down motions to clean the screen. Then I go back over the wet areas on the screen with a dry part of the cloth using mostly circular motions. (I spray more cleaner onto the cloth as needed.) For any missed spots, streaks and the edges I go back over those areas …… I don’t usually have to redo the entire screen again and again. Also DO NOT press too hard against your TV screen while cleaning, especially if you have a LED TV as the screen is a lot thinner and can be damaged if you press too hard. Don’t be afraid to clean the screen! Just be careful, and go over the screen again if it’s really dirty – pressing down harder will not get it cleaner.

If your screen is very dirty, it’s OK to spray more cleaner onto the cloth – or the first time you clean/directly onto the screen. (ONLY spray directly onto the screen the first time if needed, after you get your LED screen clean, each cleaning thereafter will require a lot less of the cleaner.) If you do have to spray directly onto the screen, spray carefully and do not get the spray on anything other than the TV screen itself.

I use the cloth to clean the TVs first (all 3) and then our computer screens (after the TVs) if needed. Then I wash the cloth alone in the washing machine in cold water with laundry detergent and then air dry the cloth. Do NOT wash the cloth with anything else or put the cloth in the dryer.

This is how I used the kit when I had purchased it once previously and it lasted for 3 years. However now that I am spraying the cleaner onto the cloth and not the screen – the kit should last for 5 years or more.