(posted on 2-3-2013)

I purchased one of these controllers from a local retailer; it was supposed to have Bluetooth Functionality. However it did not and when I went to the website listed on the instructions, INCLUDED IN THE BOX WITH THE CONTROLLER, for troubleshooting and the controller was not even listed on said website!

Also, take this product listing here for a moment of consideration if you can so bore yourself. This listing is vague and really offers nothing more than a slick picture!

I will say that yes the controller did look nice and felt great – was less than half the weight of the Sony Brand PS3 controller. However it did not work! I tried to sync it to the PS3 as instructed with the enclosed instructions and it just did not work. I returned the controller to the local retailer from which it was purchased.

I do not normally like to just say bad things about a product or company, but Gioteck products are garbage and junk. If you want to give someone money for a product that will not work then this is for you! If however, you would prefer to have a PS3 controller that will actually works then I highly suggest you choose another brand.

There are far too many companies out there making good controllers for you to fall for the slick look of the Gioteck controller – which is really just a nice looking paperweight.