(posted on 11-25-2012)

Well as the description says as well as I would say, Action Figure though a lot of people would or do call action figures dolls.

I think this is one of the coolest items ever! The only downside to this action figure is that it does not talk (or rather say phrases like with the press of a button). Yeah there are several cool quotes on the box, though if it had sounds to go with it…that would be great! It’s also too bad this item is not available right now; in a way I guess this would be a niche novelty? Yes? No? I would say yes, not to understate Freud in any way but rather that how many people would seek to buy such an action figure? I would venture to say quite a few, it would be a great stocking stuffer!

While yes I may have been partial to other action figures such as GI Joe or Master of The Universe, etc….other genres still should have a place! Whether you are a serious collector, or just needed that something different for a gift for someone special this Action Figure would be a great choice!

I hope this item gets back on Amazon soon! I have not been able to locate this item again anywhere!