(posted on 2-17-2013)

Overall I love this controller! It’s so cool to have one like this which has a slight feeling of being a PS3 controller, with more of an Xbox 360 controller slant to it. The controller is really cool looking, and feels great on its surface though it does feel a little bit uncomfortable in my hands.

The one major problem I have with the controller is that when I have played Madden 13, sometimes the controller will not execute some commands such as attempting an audible before the snap on offense.

Each time I use the controller I get more and more used to how the feel differs from the Sony brand PS3 controller.

One minor thing that I dislike about the controller is that while it can power off the PS3, it cannot turn the PS3 on like the Sony controller can. I suppose this would be a non issue for most people whom probably have the Sony Bluray remote anyways, though I am not going to spend $25.00 for a remote right now. I just use the Sony Controller with which I can power my PS3 on and then switch to my Nyko Raven and then turn off the Sony Controller.

It is nice that a Dongle to insert into the console is included with this controller! I did try another so called Bluetooth controller….did not work! With the dongle, you just insert it into the console and you are good to go! (After you charge the controller that is, as it does not come with a charge – you have to charge then controller before you can use it.)

I was thrilled I was able to order this controller here on Amazon! I could not find this controller new in stock at any of my local retailers.

Of course whether or not you prefer the Xbox or PS3, the Xbox controllers are superior by far when compared to the Playstation brand controllers. I would like to possibly purchase another Nyko Raven PS3 controller in the future if they can make a few changes such as:
– More Color Options
– Better Response
– More comfortable feel
– Longer Battery life

Overall for the price, this is a great value! MUCH better than what I have seen as the $54.99 typical retail price for the Sony brand controller.