(posted on 08-30-2012)

A Dictator named Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) from the Country of Wadyia comes to visit America. Aladeen is a brutal dictator that has oppressed his people and never makes any apologies for it, as no one would dare to oppose him. Unbeknownst to Aladeen, his uncle Tamir (Ben Kingsley) is plotting against him, as he has his own ambitions that will never be realized so long as Aladeen is in power.

Finding an unlikely cohort in the security that was hired to protect Aladeen (or so Aladeen thought) Clayton (John C. Reilly), Tamir puts in motion a plan to remove Aladeen from power. The plan goes horribly wrong, though the desired outcome is achieved and a bewildered Aladeen finds himself in the streets of New York City.
While Aladeen is trying to regain his status, he meets Zoe (Anna Faris). Zoe manages an eco friendly grocery store. Aladeen begins to work at the store, never losing his will to regain power. Along the way, he runs into a former Scientist in Wadyia “Nuclear Nadal” (Jason Mantzoukas).

Nadal begrudgingly agrees to help Aladeen regain his power, though at first neither of the two have any idea whatsoever how to go about accomplishing this task!

Aladeen continues his daily routines otherwise, getting to know his boss and also new friend Zoe on a more personal level.

The movie cascades through various situations through just outright silliness and LOTS of crude language. However, while at first glance some of the language and situations may seem offensive there is a method to this madness! Through various misadventures, misunderstandings, as well as dumb luck – Aladeen finds himself with a chance to regain his former status and life. Aladeen’s Uncle Zamir however has other plans. Ending as absurdly as the story began, you will enjoy the conclusion and the movie will end with you wanting to see it again.