(posted on 1-7-2013)

***Spoiler Alert for those who have not seen these Documentaries***!

***(While I don’t see how most people interested in these DVDs could not know some of the basics of what was or is involved, I am telling you about things you will see in the DVDS.) Please do not read any further if you want to watch the DVDs first to know what happened – thanks.***

I cannot wait until I can get this set! I have seen all 3 of the Documentaries on HBO, and the story of these three young men is compelling, heartbreaking, and full of what some may call sorrow or despair – I can’t think of a word to truly describe all of the emotions you may feel when watching the Documentaries.

The most important thing that may be forgotten is that three young boys did lose their life.

What is not acceptable is what is shown in detail; throughout all three Documentaries is the extreme miscarriage of Justice.

I have never seen another program of this type which interested me almost as much as it sickened and disgusted me at the same time. The horrible murder of three children is covered in very graphic detail, including actual crime scene photos. All 3 of these were very hard to watch, yet also extremely compelling.

Why were the murders committed? How did the “West Memphis Three” spend what most people may consider to be the most important years of their life behind bars for a crime they did not commit? How could these three young men not have received better legal representation much sooner?

I would also say that for a time, I too was convinced they were guilty. There are many cases of people who have committed similar crimes and proclaim their innocence. However as the years went by and the evidence was still the same, along with more and more evidence pointing to at the very least Reasonable Doubt – I too became convinced over time and felt sorrow for having thought these kids at the time were guilty.

Crimes like the ones Documented in this series, should ALWAYS be taken seriously and the police or investigating agencies involved should never stop looking for the person or persons responsible. Also, once a person has been convicted of such a crime beyond any shadow of a doubt – they should receive at the very least life in prison without parole.
However, it is also just as equally important that an innocent person should not be convicted and treated in such a way as Damien, Jessie, and Jason were. This case was full of holes and what at best was a combination of poor police work and a Shoddy Judicial process. I am not saying the Police and Courts are bad in general, but with this case and this process – everyone involved in the prosecution was a miserable failure at best.
So much time and effort has been spent persecuting the three men accused of the crime, that that the real killer or killers will probably never be found. I think one day that some piece of Evidence will come to light to clear The West Memphis Three. They did get released from prison, though they did have to enter an Alford plea. I think, from my best understanding of the plea is that they plead guilty but can maintain their innocence.
Had they not entered the plea, they would have had to possibly spend more time in prison – which after spending over 18 years in prison was possibly not in their best interest to do so. Also, considering how botched the ENTIRE process had been for the West Memphis Three this was also possibly their only chance to get out of prison for a crime they never committed to begin with. While yes they would have likely been acquitted at a new trial, there was no guarantee.

I highly suggest watch these in order, the pieces really fall together. Pay attention to Mr. Byers in the first two Documentaries and then think about what he said and experienced as you are watching the third one.

This is not for the weak of heart, nor would I suggest anyone under the age of 18 see it due to the extremely graphic and intense subject matter. However if you can handle it, this is a must view. You will be sickened and disgusted and go through highs and lows and before you know it – its over and now you have to watch the next one.

This series shows how a crime like this affects the victim’s families, the accused and their families, how lives are destroyed and finally how justice in this case is ultimately served – although it was long overdue and far less than perfect for everyone involved.