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A man of privilege Barnabas Collins develops feelings for a woman whom is of what would be considered a working class or a poor and undesirable type. While Barnabas never treats Angelique any differently than anyone else just because of her social status, he never truly loves Angelique. Barnabas then later meets Josette Dupres whom is the true love of his life. While Barnabas was also still involved with Angelique, he decides to end his relationship with her and stay true to Josette as that is whom he truly loves. Other things transpire and after the Death of both of his parents, Barnabas develops a strong interest in Dark Magic in hopes of finding answers. The woman, whom he had previously been involved with and no longer cares for, Angelique Bouchard, will not leave Barnabas alone. Obsessed with Barnabas and not wanting to accept he has moved on, Angelique curses Barnabas and he is imprisoned from the 1700’s until 1972. Barnabas is finally able to escape his prison, and returns to his former home which is now inhabited by his present day relatives. Barnabas has a difficult time adjusting to modern times as well as getting to know his family whom was not alive at the time he was imprisoned. Angelique is not only still alive, but is also doing remarkably well and soon seeks out Barnabas whom is not very happy at all to see her, let alone know that she is actually still alive. Angelique is still very much in love with Barnabas as he is slowly developing a new love interest with Victoria Winters. To further complicate matters, Victoria bears an uncanny resemblance to Barnabas’s true love Josette Dupres. Barnabas decides as his new purpose in life, he is going to restore his family’s name and business to what they once were. However, the chief competitor in the business is none other than Angelique – Barnabas’s former lover and long time nemesis. Further developments and events follow and ultimately end with a climatic showdown which also throws in a few twists not hinted at earlier in the movie.

I must say that first I am not very familiar with the Original TV series, so for some of the people whom have reviewed the movie and were disappointed I am sorry to hear you feel that way. However as someone, whom had no knowledge of the back story or much else at all for that matter about Dark Shadows, I really loved the movie very much and I am looking forward to the Bluray. I loved the way the story was told from this perspective, as a movie by itself (if you do not take any of the previous Dark Shadows material into account….) it was great! There are times when the movie seems to slow down but overall I loved how the odd jokes and the sarcasm were presented in the way that only Johnny Depp can present them! I don’t want to give anything away other than if you have not seen this movie, what are you waiting for? Pre-Order this like yesterday! The movie will be even better than it was in the theater!

I cannot wait to see what additional footage was left out of the original cut! For the people that saw the movie and hated it because they were longtime Dark Shadows fans – Perhaps you may like the movie more with the extra footage? I want to see to see how holes in the story onscreen are filled in and other elements of the film are expanded upon.

I also want to say that I am not very familiar with Eva Green (Angelique Bouchard); however she was amazing in her role and bought the character to life. It was great to see Chloe Moretz (Carolyn Stoddard) again who will only continue to become a bigger star in the future. One of the reasons I was interested in this movie was Johnny Depp whom of course portrays Barnabas Collins. That’s not to say the movie is shabby or anything of the sort, I was just not familiar with the Dark Shadows Franchise in anything other than the name.

Helena Bonham Carter (Dr. Julia Hoffman), Michelle Pfeiffer – (Elizabeth Collins Stoddard), and Jackie Earle Haley (Willie Loomis) were all great casting choices as well as of course Bella Heathcote (Victoria Winters/Josette Dupres). The only other part I can think of that was of more than just a passing mention would be that of David Collins played by Gulliver McGrath. The one role I was not impressed much at all with was that of Roger Collins played by Johnny Lee Miller whom is a solid actor though this was just not his movie.

I loved the movie, a sequel would be nice…though Depp may be tied up doing the next two Pirates Of The Caribbean movies (which are going to be filmed simultaneously and then released separately).

So Pre-order Dark Shadows already! Or at the least, rent this on Amazon as soon as its put up for streaming and then buy it when you can…..but do whatever you can to see it. It’s great!