(posted on 1-6-2013)

I had used this brand in the past before, a number of years ago when I was partial to the non clumping (big chunks) cat litter. At the time, it was great and I guess could still be a viable option if you have one or at the most two cats. However, over the years I have mostly had 3 cats (now we have 4). So, in general I have discovered and highly recommend a clumping cat litter, regardless of what brand of cat litter you choose.

Unless your cat had an allergy or there was some other reason you had to choose the big clay chunks, a clumping litter is by far the best choice! If you have even just one cat, a clumping litter will last longer and provide you with better odor control.

I recently did a review on the Scoop Away Cat Litter, which is a great brand….though I have found this variety of Fresh Step to be much better and to have exceeded my expectations. I asked my wife to pick up some Scoop Away when she was at the store; however she bought Fresh Step instead. It had been a few years since I had last chosen to use Fresh Step and at first I thought of returning the Cat Litter for my usual brand.
However, I thought why not just use this litter? If I did not like it or the Cats hated it, etc. then I would just get the usual brand next time.

I can now say that we have a NEW usual brand of Cat Litter, which is Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable litter! The Cats like it a lot more than the other litter, and the odor control is far superior to Scoop Away. The cost is a couple dollars more than Scoop Away – however the value you get in return is well worth it. The poop does not break off into as many tiny pieces and scatter throughout the litter as much as was the case with the other brand. The clumping action also is much better with the Urine! One of our cats likes to sometimes scoop the liter out of the way so he is peeing on the bare Litter box. With the other brand, there was always what would best be described as a chunk of sludge when he did this.

However with the Fresh Step will it is still yes somewhat sludgy – the litter around it soaks it up more and absorbs it better making scooping the Litter (and cleaning out / changing the Cat Litter) much easier.

I like the value and quality of this litter very much! You also get “Paw Points” when you purchase Fresh Step litter – it’s a nice bonus for a brand that I am going to purchase anyway. There is a website, or just put “fresh step paw points” into a search engine. There are some cool items you can redeem with your Paw Points, though I have yet to accumulate enough to redeem them for anything. HOWEVER, the PAW POINTS to me are more of an added bonus anyways and I would not use them as a basis for recommending this brand of Cat Litter.

One of the things I like about the variety of Fresh Step is that it seems to stay fresher for much longer than other brands I have used in the past. If you are a new Cat owner, or someone looking for a new litter – give this one a try…you will be glad that you did.

*Update* 4-15-13,
I still use Fresh Step – however I am now using the 38 lb. package (with 2 19 lb. boxes in one package). I have not seen it at my local retailer in a “Multi Cat” variety though there is not much difference (though yes I would say the Multi Cat formula is better for Multiple Cats). I still love the Paw Points, though I feel the value for what you pay for the litter and can get from the points could be improved upon. (Such as Fresh Step could even increase the points you get with the litter and leave the structure as is otherwise.) Very happy with the litter, will continue to use for years to come.