(posted on 12-22-2012)

I ordered this as a replacement adapter for my wife’s Sony Laptop and it works great! I am sorry if others have not had the best experience with the adapter, all I can speak for is it works for what I ordered it for. I will say that of course you must check to see if your laptop is compatible with this adapter, just as you would have to with ANY laptop or adapter.

Now as far as where these are actually made and or subsequently manufactured, they do need a lesson in English Grammar. On the power brick it says “Warranty Viod If Removed” … at least the Viod should have been spelled “Void”.

I spent several hours looking online on various websites and compared what I found to this adapter. I found this was one of the few adapters which would even work for laptop. I could not locate the power supply/adapter on Sony’s own website; perhaps I did not look hard enough? Or yes I could have contacted the customer service department, though the comparable Sony Brand adapters for other laptops were in the $89.99 range! Too expensive, when compared to one that was less than $9.00 total (free shipping).

Now yes you do have to be sure of the voltage of the adapter/power supply and the amps, etc. – not just for a laptop but for any device or product which use some type of power cord.

However I am not going to pay over 10 times what I paid for this adapter just to have the “Sony” Logo on it when this other adapter does the job just fine.

I am not slamming Sony in any way; I am a longtime fan of their products. I am just saying that a power supply is just that – it simply supplies the power for your device.
Quality wise, I see no difference whatsoever between this less expensive adapter and the Sony brand one. If anything, the less expensive one seems to be of slightly better quality.

Having said that, yes I would still advise that you get the Sony brand one if you can afford it and you can find it! I was just so frustrated after the hours of trying to find it online and seeing the big difference in price – I found and decided on this adapter.
I had to order and get it as soon as possible; I could not wait a number of weeks for the adapter. I got this one in the mail in less than a week, and that was with the free shipping option.