(posted on 1-6-2013)

I am sorry to see that the charger did not work for everyone as well as it has for me. It’s not a top quality high dollar charger, true – though for the price I feel it’s actually quite a good value. I have used it in several different cars with 2 different phones and it has always worked fine.

However, I did give 2 stars instead of 5 as there several things that can be a bother at times. Sometimes I have to slightly rotate the part you insert into the cigarette lighter and then it works fine (or I’ve had to pull it out and re-insert it). I have had this issue with both of the phones I have used the charger with as well as in the different vehicles I have used the charger in.

The key thing I have found is to make sure you see the red light on the charger lit, so you know it is charging. Don’t just put the charger in the cigarette lighter and assume its charging….you could be in for a surprise and find you phone’s battery is dead. Make sure you see the red light is on, and try not to move the cord around if you can avoid doing so.

This charger will charge your phone, however if you are looking for a charger that allows you to talk on while it’s plugged in this one would not be the best choice. You would have to be pulled over and or parked and leaning over to use this charger while talking on without having to worry about it coming out or moving the wrong way and not continuing to charge.

You could however talk just fine on your phone, while your phone is charging without moving the phone around, using a hands-free device or speakerphone.

For the money, this does what I wanted and needed. If you want a higher grade charger or more features you will have to pay a little more. I never talk on my phone while it’s charging anyways. I sometimes have to pull out the charger from my phone to use the phone….then I re-connect the charger to the phone to let it finish charging.