(posted on 08-19-2012)

I bought two of the so called allegedly “BLACK” lamps with “CLEAR” liquid from a local retailer. I don’t know what it is about the Black Lava Lamps, as I have seen several other colors on display at local retailers though the infamous Black lamp (while it may be in stock and available for purchase) is never on display. After I got back home from the store I followed all of the enclosed instructions and ran my lamps several times. The wax was Black yes, BUT the liquid was opaque and not CLEAR as was stated on the packaging.

To clarify or give an example, it was not totally opaque though it looked as if say a small amount of milk had been added to the liquid (thus resulting in the cloudy/opaque appearance).

I did finally get two replacements from Lava Lamp, one is perfect…..the other is not quite perfect but I guess it will have to do. Is there something about the black wax that makes it more difficult to be manufactured as compared to other colors? Overall I would say the lamps are great, and I would love to have more in the future. The Black lamps while I personally think they look really cool are not very bright at all in the dark. Lava Lamps in general are not something that is really meant to light up a room. However, with a glitter Lava Lamp or two bright colors you would get a much cooler effect in a dark room. As far as looking at them, or just needing an accent in your room – then yes the Black Lava lamps are great! It

It seems that it’s hard to find ones that are as they should be – with BLACK WAX AND CLEAR LIQUID. If you find them though, do get them….you will love them (if they are working properly)!