(posted on 12-22-2013)

A woman, who is a radio DJ and also the descendant of a man who executed suspected Witches during the time of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, MA……encounters some strange occurrences and things further develop from there.
Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) is a DJ at a local Radio Station in Salem, MA. The movie starts off ordinarily enough, introducing you to Heidi’s daily life as well as Heidi’s co- worker’s and landlord, etc. However not long into the movie, Heidi receives a mysterious box containing a record from a little known band known as “The Lords”. The record is then played on the air during Heidi’s radio show. There is not much actual music, rather mostly weird distortions and nonsensical vocals that seem to have no point whatsoever. However the sounds do have a very profound effect on Heidi. As the movie further progresses, Heidi (a former drug addict) has a relapse and things seem to fall apart. There are further weird and unexplained occurrences involving Heidi, a guest who appeared on one of Heidi’s broadcasts, as well as Heidi’s landlord and her Landlord’s two sisters who just ‘happen’ to be visiting from out of town just when things are starting to really get strange.

That’s about all I can really say about the plot or movie without really giving too much away, however the sad truth is – there is not really much at all TO give away about the movie!

I had considered for a while buying this movie on Blu Ray brand new, even at a regular retail price if I had to – because it was a Rob Zombie movie and I have loved what I have seen him put out….UNTIL NOW.

I was very glad that I did not actually buy this movie, and that I instead rented the movie on PPV. The movie had no real point or plot to it so far. No real attempt at any kind of special effects or even just cheap makeup done correctly! The movie was not scary, nor entertaining in any way, shape or form. There was no point whatsoever to this movie. No structure, no explanations, just one confusing scene after the next with no point whatsoever in the vast majority of scenes in the film.

Did Rob Zombie intentionally make a bad film as a way to get out of a contract with a film studio? Even so, how a man such as Rob Zombie with such incredible talent and potential could put out such a poor quality product is very puzzling indeed.

Most horror films are not very good, however there are usually at least some good moments in the film or some great special effects and so on……this film had neither of those nor anything with any redeeming entertainment value whatsoever.

I don’t want to get too specific for those who have not seen the film…..but there is one sequence where Heidi has an encounter with what is supposed to be something non human……
That sequence, scene….whatever you call it was so bad I really struggled to force myself to watch the rest of the movie. I debated for a moment even calling my Cable Company and demanding a refund on the PPV charge for the movie.

I was very disappointed to see such a scene from a film involving Rob Zombie, who is someone I still have a lot of respect for – though I will be very skeptical of his next movie. I hope Rob Zombie wakes up and gets back to making great horror films again, as there are not very many directors out there anymore who are even capable of making a great horror movie.

If you must see this movie for yourself, fine….I had to see it too despite the bad reviews I had read……however do not buy this movie! Rent the movie if you must see it, or better yet watch it for free if you get a movie channel or whatever that happens to be showing it, etc ,etc, etc.

Take a look on imdb to see just how many people were involved in the making of this film. If this had been a small film made by Rob Zombie’s friends and family….I could understand and I would be more forgiving about how bad this movie turned out to be. However this was actually a much bigger production than a lot of other Horror movies which are far better usually have……there is no reason whatsoever this film should have turned out as poorly as it unfortunately did.
Of course with a filming budget listed as only 1.5 million……that does explain a lot – but for that amount of money there is still no excuse for the movie to have been as bad as it was. The movie focused on things it could in no way achieve with such a small budget and in turn was horrible beyond belief. Instead of reaching so high, they should have had a much better script and focused more on the actors and actresses involved and then the film may have been amazing.

Whatever you do, do not buy this movie….rent it! Or just skip it altogether……