So yeah perhaps I was a little, just a little bit overly optimistic……you need millions or I would venture it fair to say in the hundreds of thousands of views to get enough clicks on your ads somewhere to actually make any money with You Tube. Having said that, some people can post a video that maybe only people they know will watch and then it’s a mega
hit! Of course that is more the exception than the rule – especially when you take into account that there are millions possibly billions and maybe more videos being uploaded to you tube on a daily basis…… any case no matter what you want to say about that / THERE ARE A LOT OF VIDEOS BEING UPLOADED TO YOU TUBE ALL THE TIME!

There are some You Tube videos with higher production values that are done in studious or by people that may be at home but yet have a lot of experience with You Tube. So to be fair these videos are going to get more traffic by default but also these videos are to the viewer usually the most entertaining and or informing to watch.

However, You Tube is a great place to just express yourself and do things how you see fit without having to deal with advertisers of other people involved in the creation of your videos. Of course in some cases, having more than one like minded individual contributing to a You Tube channel can be a great thing – I just do not see the need for myself to do any type of collaborative effort with anyone at this time. Also, if I could in any way – I would love to maintain my channel as it is now and continue to make videos the way I want to (and I see no reason why that would conflict with another channel, I would even feature such a channel on my channel – and would NOT feature my channel on the one that was the collaborative effort channel).

I am not opposed to ever working with or even for someone else in the future as far as You Tube is concerned, that would actually be pretty cool. I am just saying I enjoy what I do on my own and would love to continue that (on my own time) if I ever was to work on anything with anyone else.

So as far as ads are concerned, for the vast majority – or at least a huge number – of You Tubers the ads will not give you any benefit one way or another since you need a certain number of clicks to see any revenue. Also you have to factor in how many people are actually clicking on your ads….so when you further factor in that most people will skip or ignore the ads that means you have to have an even greater pool of viewers to get enough overall clicks on your ads.

Also voting on your videos is big too, but perhaps the best overall measure of success on You Tube is how many subscribers that your channel has. I suppose if say you had over a million and counting subscribers but not very many ad clicks – there would be other ways you could capitalize on that success such as (for example) paid product placements, sponsorships, endorsements and so on.

Anyways I am not concerned with ever waking up and being a Millionaire from You Tube, though it might be technically possible – it is extraordinarily difficult or you just have to make the right video at the right time to capture enough people to make your videos successful.

I enjoy the freedom I have now, if I ever was to have a popular channel…..well I will deal with that then…….but anyways enjoy the commercial free videos on my channel! Thanks!