(Posted on amazon.com 08-19-2011)


To say this is a silly movie is an understatement…. it’s so childish and pointless/so of course I loved it! Pretty basic, guy meets girl whom is really a crazy person on the run and the hijinks ensue!

A guy working at a hotel meets his dream girl whom is a model, but with a twist. The woman turns out to be much more than he ever bargained for. A Hotel Clerk Matthew Welch (Arye Gross) lies his way into a date with the Supermodel Hexina (Claudia Christian). Unbeknownst to Matthew however his date is actually a murderous psychopath and she tries to kill him, committing a couple of murders along the way with the evidence pointing towards Matthew. Gloria (Adrienne Shelly) is Matthew’s co worker has been hoping he would only ask her out on a date. When Mathew is in way over his head with Hexina, and needs help Gloria is there for him. Will Mathew become Hexina’s next victim? Will Gloria be able to actually help him after all?

While the movie may be considered by some to not be very good, I really liked it a lot! Considering the subject matter and the way it was done, it was actually surprising and enjoyable to see the actors, actresses, and everyone else involved pull it all of in such a funny and sarcastic way.

This is one of those movies that will probably not make it on Bluray, though it should and hopefully will! Until that day though, at least there is the DVD!