(posted on amazon.com 08-23-2011)


It’s so easy a Caveman can do it! You put the paper concentrator in the bottom, then your oil (or without oil), the 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels….top with salt if desired. The time it takes to pop will vary according to the power (wattage) of your microwave. I use a 1250 Watt microwave and it takes about 2 minutes. I would suggest starting at no more than 2 minutes 30 seconds if you have a 1000 watt or lower microwave. Stay by the microwave, at least until you have used the popper a few times and figure out how long it will take in your microwave.

I would not put this item in a dishwasher! Hand wash in sink. Read the instructions! They are not complicated, but read them…once you learn how to properly use this you will love it!

The best thing about this popper is it’s as fast as microwave in the bag popcorn though it doesn’t have that artificial microwave popcorn taste……I can’t tell that it has any microwave taste to it…..tastes like I used a standard popper! One recipe I figured out was use about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil on top on the power concentrator. Then put your kernels on top of the olive oil, and on top of the kernels add your salt (then you won’t have to add the salt later….but be careful not to use too much salt).
Pop until done, empty in bowl…..add movie theater butter popcorn oil and mix together with a spoon (I use a wooden spoon). It’s so good, even better than what is at the theater.

***Addition 03-23-2015 (To this Blog Post)***