(Posted on amazon.com 07-08-2011)


I love this MOVIE

Great movie, Tim Allen is great as usual with his brand of comedy! Tim Allen has a spark, a something that keeps you into whatever he is doing…..not to mention this also has Ray Liotta, Sigourney Weaver and a few others.

Not a great plot by any means, and ex con trying to make it……but Tim Allen did actually serve a little time many, many years ago so he actually brings that to the role which most actors never do (and not that its a bad thing the other guys have not been to prison…it just makes his role more believable). Lots of silly childish humor with no real point other than cheap laughs…..which is refreshing!

So many movies today have to be big budget pieces of crap that want to teach you something or put out a message. I don’t want to learn anything or hear any messages for that 90 minutes or 2-3 hours or whatever it is! I want to be entertained and forget about all the BS I deal with, am dealing with, will be dealing with, and so on.

That is what this movie does, it entertains you!