(Posted on amazon.com 08-19-2011)


I have used several different brands of Catnip over the years and Cosmic Catnip is by far the best bar none! True there will be debate over this one among Cat Owners; some may say “any old brand will do” or “Catnip is Catnip” and so on.

I just know that personally I have never seen a Cat react to Catnip the way my Cats react to this particular brand. I have tried other brands that came with Cat Scratchers or at times bought what was in stock when I could not find Cosmic Catnip in a retail store. I have since of course discovered that I can buy it right here on Amazon.

Our Cats love Cosmic Catnip! This brand of Catnip makes them really nutty and fun to watch! One of my Cats in particular goes really crazy….he eats some it, rolls around in it, etc.

I recommend this brand highly to any Cat owner looking for something different for their Cat(s). Not all Cats will go as crazy as ours do, though if they do love it…they REALLY love it! It’s cool to see the Cats get excited and so happy, you will too as you watch them enjoying this treat!

***Update 03-23-2015,You can find this item in various sizes on amazon as well as elsewhere on the web – just use google. This is the best Catnip I have used that has always gotten my cats the most excited! I only wish I could find this in my local stores!***