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Funny Ha Ha

For all the time I have had this movie, I still have not watched Critical Condition! I guess it’s an ok movie, though I bought the disc for Brain Donors anyway. This double feature was cheaper at the time than the DVD of just Brain Donors, so I ordered this instead.
Brain Donors stars in the lead roles John Turturro, Mel Smith, and Bob Nelson. Turturro is probably best known today for his roles in the three Transformers movies.

There is literally an ambulance chasing lawyer named Flakfizer (John Turturro) and is called upon by his client Lillian Ogelthorpe to help settle affairs with her estate after he husband dies. To arrive at Lillian’s house after being summoned he meets and shares a cab with Lillian’s employee Jacques (Bob Nelson). The cab driver Rocco (Mel Smith), whom later becomes an employee of Flakfizer’s along with Jacques arrive at the Oglethorpe estate and the craziness ensues. Much to the dismay of another attorney also employed by Lillian Ogelthorpe, Edmund Lazlo (John Savident) Lillian hires Flakfizer to run a Ballet Company along with Lazlo.

Lazlo is a serious, business minded lawyer as compared to Flakfizer that cannot do anything without either acting outrageous or concocting some type of scheme. Flakfizer is unsuccessful in his attempts to attract the ballet dancer “The Great Volare” (George De La Pena) to the new ballet company, instead pursuing a lesser known dancer. Lazlo however is successful at hiring Volare and the reactions and schemes and silliness goes to another hilarious level. The movie is more and more outrageously funny as it goes along, never making any attempts at any kind of a meaningful plot.

I really loved how the movie was a journey, a discovery, an experience of the situations all of the characters found themselves in….and it was fun to watch. One other great thing I loved about the movie is that I forgot I was actually watching a movie and I felt I was seeing a story unfold.

The ending scenes are full of slapstick, silliness and also a satisfaction that even though you had no idea how it was going to end – it works out like you knew it would. That’s my take….don’t want to say too much about it…in case you have not seen it just yet. To see Falkfizer going up against Lazlo and all the silliness that is following…..it’s great! I wish there could have been a sequel…..this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen!

The line ….”A likely story”….. is my favorite. You have to see the movie to appreciate it. While the movie may be about a ballet company, this movie is far from artistic. It is more of a silly, slapstick kind of movie that just happens to have elements of Ballet in the movie.