(Originally written 01-27-2009)

Does not stop the ROD on these older models

*Updates 08-28-2012*

While I no longer have an Xbox 360, I bought this item when at the time I owned one the Xbox 360 Elite Models. I wanted the 120 GB HDD (which was and still is pretty good for a 360 if you are only using it for gaming). I also wanted the Black Console; later on I would get one of the Halo Reach slim models. I never owned the slim model long enough to attest to its durability.

However, back when I bought my Xbox 360 in December 2008 the ROD (Ring of Death/Red Rings around the power button meaning your console was dead – hence the name) was supposed to have been a non issue with the Xbox 360 Elite. I did a lot of reading online about how to keep the Xbox cooler and hopefully avoid the dreaded ROD. While there was and still is much debate about whether or not you should even use a Cooler for these older models, the one thing I found was that if you do – use a self powered unit. Do not use a unit that draws the power from your console, but a cooler that has its own power source….such as this one for example.

So I thought this would be great, and it seemed as if it was for a while….the cooler did allow the Xbox to run cooler and it seemed to run quieter and more smoothly as well.

However, a little over a year and a half later I did get the ROD anyways. I was lucky enough that I bought my Xbox within a time period that allowed for a free repair or replacement – my console was repaired.

The older styles of the Xbox 360 will all get the ROD, typically in about 2 years though it can be longer or much sooner. I would not recommend buying ANY type of cooler for your Xbox 360 if you have any model other than the slim. I don’t know much about the newer model, but it is supposed to be designed so it does not need a cooler anyways.

I would that if you own one of these older 360 models, or plan to buy one…..just make sure that you place it someplace that allows for more airflow than you need. You cannot have too much open space around your Xbox 360!
An open TV stand would be fine, just do not put anything else on the shelf your console is on.

Having said all that, I don’t think this cooler will harm your console in any way – it just won’t do anything in any to protect it either. You are just buying a stand with some cool green lights on it, nothing more! I will say the cooler is of good quality, it’s not a bad product – its just the product does not do anything to extend the life of your Xbox……which is why you would buy it to start with right?

You could also take the fans out of the cooler and use them for a custom laptop cooler or something else which may require such fans. The unit is of good quality, it just did not seem to do anything for me other than give me some cool green lights to glance at while playing the Xbox at night.

I may or may not get another Xbox in the future, it is a great console and Xbox Live Gold is a great service that is well worth it – so I am NOT a PS3 Fan boy/Xbox 360 hater!
I am only saying that in general I have been disappointed with the lack of explanation from Microsoft on not just the reliability of all Xbox models; but also the lack of information for their vision on what the Xbox will be in the years to come as far as dependability is concerned.

***(This portion written 09/22/2012.) I wanted to make a slight addition to the review after having learned some things about the Xbox 360 recently from someone who swears by the Xbox 360 as the preferred choice in a Gaming Console. The way the Xbox 360 is designed it can be bad for the console to have it standing up vertically. The best way to use an Xbox 360 console is to lay it down horizontally – do not stand it up! Also with the newer Xbox 360 models (which should also be placed vertically) there is no need for any additional cooling device as the newer models have two fans. If you do own one of the older models, a fan that attaches to the rear of the console would be the preferred cooling method. The Xbox will run just fine if placed vertically – for a while though the Ring Of Death is a going to happen sooner or later.***