WTF YouTube?
(Perhaps not the best title for a post – but I couldn’t think of another one since what information I have found so far on the subject has amounted to inane techno babble.)

OK so to be fair to YouTube or You Tube or whatever it is, there are a LOT of people using the website………..of course since YouTube is owned by Google (since 2006, officially anyways) you would think they would have addressed things like upload time, etc. Of course, I have uploaded some videos since 2006 and they have not taken anywhere near the time they do now to upload.

One obvious reason is the sheer number of people that may be using YouTube as well as uploading videos to YouTube. However, being that YouTube has been (for lack of a better term) a subsidiary of Google for a few years now…….what can only be described as a severe sever issue should have been addressed years ago! OK, so yes you have to verify the content being uploaded that is not infringing on copyrights or outright illegal and so on. However most of these functions, as well all know are performed by machines and not people! So why not just give the machines better instructions?

Then again, YouTube is for the most part a free service unless you are ordering a PPV movie on YouTube (yes for those of you living under a rock, under the sea too – PPV has actually been available on YouTube for a while now. I’ll come back to PPV in a moment, but yeah maybe I should not be what you may perceive to be as ungrateful for such a truly cool website that does not cost me anything to use. There are a number of AMAZING free things on YouTube, such as for example “Vice News” which have a lot of great stories and documentaries that you can view for free.

Then we have the lady who took a bath in Milk and Cereal and ate the cereal, and she gets to interview The President! Now if that is not a WTF, what is? I see what the President did there though, he is trying to reach the younger generations (as well as Americans in general who have grown tired of the traditional news media) who are more often getting their news from Facebok, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and so on.

Anyways I have embraced the whole YouTube thing myself, and overall it is actually quite fun once you eventually get your videos posted and they are processed! Now I have read on YouTube’s website as well as many people throughout the web explain various ways to edit your videos for YouTube so that they will process faster. To be fair to this end of the situation……as a Newbie Youtuber who would easily be Pwned by a YouTube veteran…….I am still learning a LOT about how the whole process works.

However my point or thought is when did it get so damn technical? I mean yes of course we all know there are tools to make your videos better or to add effects and so on. However, uploading to YouTube was actually much less of a hassle at one point in time ….. And it could also be that people are intentionally making their uploads more complex which then has the unintended consequence of making the whole website slower anyways. Could that be it? Who knows? I do know though that even though I only recently have taken more than just a passing interest in YouTube… used to be far less complex to upload to YouTube.

Now of course you have serious people on YouTube, who are people who have either been fortunate enough to basically become a Youtbuber or YouTube Journalist or reporter of some sort and there is also the more Traditional media Professionals who are more and more embracing YouTube whereas a few years ago the establishment Journalists and Reporters would have laughed off YouTube as a fad. Z

So there are the serious minded posters, as well as the noobs like myself and everyone else in between… sure adds up to a lot of people posting a LOT of content at the same time no matter how you look at it.

I guess there almost has to be some safeguards and checks and balances with YouTube……I mean think of the worst thing you can imagine and then in reality it is far worse and that’s what would be all over YouTube without the checks and balances that YouTube has in place. Now that’s not to say anything about free speech, at least in the USA….but people would abuse the website and ruin it for everyone otherwise as they always do.

Anyways overall my experience with YouTube has been good. I will continue to explore how to do different things with my videos as time goes on…..I am learning after all and ranting maybe just a little bit at the same time. I can see a torrent of negative comments coming my way from this post…….but let me say these are my views SO FAR and I am only stating WHAT IS ON MY MIND AT THE MOMENT. I am not dissing YouTube in any way, I am just stating what I am frustrated with….BUT…..BUT……every time I use YouTube it gets easier for me and I learn more about the different features of YouTube.