Well this Blog is starting to take shape, it started while a back and then was basically dead and now here it is again but I have decided to commit to this whole blogging thing. Why? Who in the hell really knows why now – because ‘why now’ would actually be the question to ask I suppose or as Kevin Kline put it in a movie I watched recently….”That’s the 64 Euro question”.
I have actually been thinking of writing a regular (or semi-regular) Blog since I think it was 2007 or 2008…. Sometime around then because I remember talking to someone I used to work with about it and the possibility of the people I could interview in the local area for my Blog.

That would have been a great idea right? And had I committed to such and idea in even 2009 or 2010 or whenever who knows where the Blog would be today huh?

However maybe, just maybe it’s a good thing that I did not really write a Blog with any intent at least until now. I certainly would not have the perspective I do now coming into it though I imagine I would have evolved to a state of mind not unlike where I am at now. Or if my writings were successful at an earlier time, would that have tended to skew my opinions, ideas,

That first portion above I started I think about a week or so ago and I am no finishing this up and hopefully getting it posted today. Getting over a sinus infection, car issues, and just life in general have all been more of a factor than I had actually thought when I had decided to actually commit to this blog. However I am determined to not only have the Blog, but to also have 2 YouTube channels…..one of which will probably be videos of our Cats and one of just myself talking about various topics.

This stuff is a lot of work! However I am enjoying the process as an outlet for me to express myself and hopefully somewhere along the way a few people out there might actually read and comment on what I am doing online. It would be great to be successful at this stuff, however not everyone can be a Pewdiepie nor should they be. I am not writing or doing anything on YouTube to gain any followers……though if I do along the way – that’s great! I have also really gotten tired of just not finding a voice for myself online. Now am I a voice for anyone? Probably not, though I think the way that I look at the world as well as my immediate surroundings and life in general is just different enough from the way most people do / so I think that there is a small chance at least I might just pique your interest. There are MANY topics that constantly flow through my mind like waters of the Great Lakes or the Oceans of the world.
I am just trying to say what no one else is saying, on many different topics. So if you have come here looking for one specific thing – I am going to sadly disappoint you. However if you like hearing about all types of topics then welcome home!