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Soulcalibur V MUST HAVE DLC characters


Soulcalibur V MUST HAVE DLC characters

by soulcalibur815 » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:18 pm

Hey I just recently got a PS3 again and have not had much time to really get into Soul Calibur V yet….though overall for the most part I love what I have seen so far! One thing I noticed right away about the game play is that it was slowed down from Soul Calibur IV. It was not a big change, but noticeable after having played Soul Calibur IV so much. Anyways, if most of what I am posting now has been hashed and rehashed again forgive me – I just don’t know how else to get information about things like why some things are available and others are not via DLC on the PSN. (While I own a PS3, I would love to also hear thoughts and information from Xbox 360 owners as well. As far as I know there are not any differences between the PS3 and 360 versions pertaining to actual game content.) Namco Bandai could even possibly make special DLC cards for such content for the PSN and Xbox Live and sell the physical cards exclusively say at certain retailers such as Best Buy,Gamestop,Target,Walmart,etc. -or on those retailers websites as well.

Yes of course I know and understand that some of the characters have successors as well as yes in any series you try to introduce new characters going forward. You have to not only appeal to longtime fans yes, but of course attract future generations of fans as well.

Why are some of what many Longtime Soul Calibur fans considered to be no-brainers or a given if you will….not included in the game or even offered at least A la Carte via DLC? Okay yes I have read that perhaps some of these characters can be created via character creation maybe with a particular CAS formula.
That’s all fine and good and all that, though its far from the character actually being in the game.
The characters I feel really let down as far as them not being put into the game are:
Seong Mina, Taki, Talim. There may be others that other people feel just as passionate about or more so and yes they should be in the game too!
Those are just my 3 personal favorites. Why not have those 3 characters, as well as others people thought would be in Soul Calibur V even put up on the PSN store and xbox live for $4.99 each? A lot of money yes to pay per character for characters that should have been in the game anyways, although to at least give the gamer the option to obtain the character(s) if he or she chose to do so would be a win win for all. Namco Bandai would not only potentially make a nice profit, but the option to get those characters would probably entice a LOT more people want to actually buy Soul Calibur V.

Or was this intentional for Namco Bandai to make a launch title for the next Playstation and Xbox systems in a few years that will include every single Soul Calibur character going all the way back to Soul Blade? I am not saying that to be antagonistic in any way, just wondering if Namco Bandai has plans such a title in the future.

I was able to get the Soul Calibur V Collector’s Edition, and while its nice to have the making of Soul Calibur V bluray and the art book – I would have much rather received a DLC code for a number of characters that should have been included in the game anyway. I love Soul Calibur and yes I will be getting Soul Calibur VI when it comes out in the next couple of years, I just hope that Namco Bandai will include certain characters as permanent fixtures in the series from now on.