***Originally published on my former blog on:
meowcallate 4:14 pm on July 28, 2012 ***


Well since I have been playing Soul Calibur IV again more I have to say that I like it better than Soul Calibur V, BUT, that is not to say that I will not be playing Soul Calibur V much much more in the future. OK so why do I like Soul Calibur IV better….two main reasons. I love some of the characters which were in SCIV and then omitted in SCV….such as Talim, Seong Mina, and Taki. There are others that were left out that others have complained about as well, those are just my 3 favorites. Another reason is you have to buy a LOT more in the Playstation Store (or with your Xbox Live Points) of the in game add – ons as opposed to in SCIV you can unlock the vast majority of in game add ons through game play. Of course, there are still add ons available for SCIV a couple of which you have to buy the DLC to use and one weapons pack for example that gives you all of the weapons in the game though you can also unlock those in the game. Now with SCV yes the DLC has greatly improved and made much for a much richer game (I have yet to get all of the DLC as of this writing) though its too bad that more of it could not have been put into the game as unlockables instead of DLC. One good feature, which may be of some debate, is that the newer DLC in SCV allows for more creative options… my impression thus far. I do think yes SCV has far better graphics though it seems to lack the gameplay speed of SCIV and at times feels like Mortal Kombat. I am not dissing MK, its a great game and all…. only saying the action is slower as compared to most if not all of the SC games. I will continue to play SCIV and get used to SCV as I can…. its sooo cool…..just really too bad they left out some of the characters in favor of newer ones that are not all that exciting anyways (to me at least, to others they may love the change).

I am getting back into playing Soul Calibur IV again after not playing PS3 for a while. I do also have a Wii on which I have Soul Calibur II , and eventually I will get a PS2 again so I can play Soul Calibur III and Soul Blade. I miss Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast, I cannot believe that it has not been re-released in a fully updated disc version yet! I had bought it on Xbox live when I had a 360, though that version of Soul Calibur was stripped down….missing some game options and so on… well as no online play. (Not sure if they added online play to that one at some point, only know for sure that when I had the Xbox and got that game it was not available.) One day it would be nice to see ALL of the Soul Calibur titles (including Soul Blade) re – released in full versions with online play available for purchase in the Playstation Store and on Xbox Live (as well as Nintendo’s Online Store if they can ever make a comparable console which as of this writing does not seem likely). When I say all versions, I am referring to the main/core titles not games such as Broken Destiny and so on…. though if they can be included as well I am not opposed to that. I consider the main/core titles to be : Soul Blade, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur II, Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur IV, and Soul Calibur V (as well as whatever follows such as SCVI, SCVII and so on).

I started this Blog to write about Soul Calibur games, to see my thoughts about the games on a screen and not just keep them in my head. I think there are millions of people out there who feel either just like I do about the Soul Calibur Franchise, or at least agree with me on things like characters that were left out, etc. I want to just write about my thoughts and experiences and so on with the games, I welcome comments, debate, even outright insults and disagreement if that’s how you want to respond. I don’t know as much as I had thought I once did about Soul Calibur, so this Blog is as much about sharing my thoughts and ideas on the game as it is about learning more about the games and if I can possibly have any input on Soul Calibur VI. When I say have input, I don’t mean I should be the one that decides what goes in the game, though I as well as you and anyone else whom loves the series whether they read this particular page or not – should as well. I know there was a Twitter page for SCV when it was being worked on, but Namco Bandai (or whomever is in charge of development,possibly Project Soul?) should give consumers more of a voice next time.

Overall yes I will continue to play these games for many years to come, I just want to learn more about them and if nothing else hopefully I can convince Namco Bandai or create enough of a voice through this conversation I started to get other people to demand the re-release of the games in full versions. (With Online play in each game.) In any event I also wanted to create a Blog to share links, resources, tips, hints, etc. about the Soul Calibur games. I will try to post links of interest or such as I am able to and please feel free to post any Soul Calibur related links or pictures here on this site as well.