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meowcallate 7:32 pm on August 11, 2012***

Sorry Everyone for the delay in my post, a lot has been going on lately though I will try to do a better job of keeping up with this blog in the future…….I will try!

So since my last post I have to say that yes I have had a chance to see more of Soul Calibur V and I am far more impressed than I was originally. However as the old cliche’ goes “having said that” I can also see why the sales have been down so much as compared to SCIV thus far overall. One of the main reasons which is also one of the things that inspired me to write the Blog was the Exclusion of Taki, Seong Mina (sometimes spelled Seung Mina), and Talim. Now those are the three I was most personally disappointed about – BUT – I am not discounting the outcry from other Soul Calibur fans about the other exclusions such as Zasalamel, and Hong Yun-seong. There are others yes, just a few that come to mind and besides my 3 those 2 are the others I see commented about the most as well. Another shocker to me was the decision to exclude Shura! I liked her a lot, while it was hard for me to learn her style / she was really cool once I was comfortable using her in the game. And there are others! But alas Namco Bandai or Namco or whomever (Project Soul) would say “We can’t put all those in the game, bla bla, bla. We are creating a new story that in some cases takes places after some characters may have died” . Now that is not a direct quote or any quote from Project Soul or Namco Bandai, though that is basically what they say when you read the different articles and or watch different interviews in reference to Soul Calibur V. I just took the information I have read and condensed it so you don’t have to read 50 something articles like I did to find out a little snippet of information to begin with. Also, if you can afford to get the Collector’s Edition for your 360 or PS3 – do it now! You get a card with a code for a couple armor pieces, a CD of the SCV soundtrack – but most importantly with the PS3 version you get a Bluray of the making of SCV (DVD with the 360 version). Also I did some reading on the game and discovered it was rushed, as it was originally coming out in July 2012 but magically appeared in January. So it could be said to some extent that maybe some other characters would have been in the game that were not, or at least the story mode would have been much better….its a joke in its current state on a good day. Character Creation is a step up for sure, though they did drop the ball here too. How? Well one thing that was overlooked was that some Characters such as Kilik for example who is a master of all the styles in the game as well as Elysium could not be customized to one weapons style in the game, which in Elysium’s case would have meant you could have cloned Sophitia in Character Creation! And another COLOSSAL blunder by Project Soul was not including the one Character that love him or hate him every last Soul Calibur fan knew was going to be in the game – Li Long. Ruh Roh! Another great decision by Namco at work yet again. His move set is very similar if not exactly what Maxi’s is, but duh – they could have tweaked it slightly so it wasn’t a total copy of Maxi as well as gave his weapons a completely different look from Maxi’s weapons. For that matter, they could have even put all of the Roster Characters from all the Soul Calibur (including Soul Blade) games in the game, and included the lesser known ones as unlockable content within the game (some of the characters would yes of course been available as DLC – but to at least have the option would have been nice). Finally, I am NOT trashing Namco Bandai or Project Soul, if it wasn’t for them there would be no Soul Calibur V! I honestly know it to be true in my heart, fingers crossed, that this is a learning experience for both Project Soul and Namco Bandai. I think SCVI will be what SCV should have been and more.