OK so quite some time ago I tinkered with the idea of a Blog, in Fact I had several and never really did anything with any of them.  As it turns out, this Blogging stuff is not so easy after all…..I mean yeah it is but then there are so many minute details like (for example , but not limited to) :
– Do I want to register my own domain (AKA personalized web address)?
– What kind of layout do I want on my Blog?
– Do I need to hire someone to tweak my Blog?
– No one is reading this stuff, so why bother (in my case so far – hopefully you have had better results).

So I did finally decide that yes this is something I want to commit to and look forward to doing over the Long Term.  Of course when no one is reading, it could be asked why bother?  True.

However, while I do feel I can and will build an audience over time anyways – I have not chosen to write this Blog simply to be the next Drudge, or Perez, or Huffington Post, etc, etc, etc.  Those are websites that are bigger than I can far ever hope to be, and if I was to have a Blog that popular one day then cool but I am never going to change or compromise what I am writing for any reason unless I personally feel a particular way about a topic/subject.

So the first thing you will see that I have done is moved posts from past Blogs to this Blog.  They may or may not be relevant – but if anything this Blog is surely not going to be about just any one topic or type of topics.  I will write about Religion, Politics, World Events, Movies, Cats, Buying whatever at the store…..and so on.  So this  Blog may be too scattered or unfocused for most people to follow.  Or maybe not

In any case, I am going to write about what I want to write about when I want to write about it and how I want to write about it, no exceptions.  That does not mean I will not try to put forth the best effort in my writings and even at times consider input from others…….but I feel a need to express myself how I want to and I hope that you will come to feel a need in time to read those expressions of my thoughts.
Thanks…..back soon……now to move all those other posts over here.DSCN0633